Saturday, June 28, 2008


it seems i have gotten down with a serious case of "wannabe-writer's block". so, in the absence of any tags, i have decided to put up something else =D a test result!!! well, fortunately, there are tests on sites that are not your average tickle clingy feel-good tests, and actually give you an honest answer. i enjoyed taking this one, and enjoyed the results even more. the algorithm behind the result evaluation got it spot on for once! so here goes :D

What philosophy do you follow? (v1.03)
created with
You scored as Apathy

Your life is marked by quite a bit of apathy: You don’t seem to care much about the direction of your own life, much less society in general.

I would find a quote or two to better describe the virtues and thoughts behind apathy, but ironically those who would espouse the concept of apathy are too apathetic to write about it.

“Eh, who cares?”

--Myself, just now...

More info at Arocoun's Wikipedia User Page...



Strong Egoism


Justice (Fairness)










Divine Command




Sunday, June 22, 2008

ta dah!

mum was too tired to clean up my room on saturday, so that has been indefinitely postponed i guess. maybe in the next five year plan. hopefully before i have to get out of this place :) i think i want to see my room clean at least once. that hasn't happened ever since i moved into it. funny how a room that seemed so big initially can get so full of stuff and yet not contain all the stuff that it could contain.there's a coupla more tags i received in the meantime, which i intend to do now...

poo tagged me with the secrets tag. i'm supposed to put up ten of my super secrets on here. i have plenty to spare, so this won't be an issue. here they are...

1. i do nothing about my hair. i shampoo it when i remember that i’ve got a bottle of shampoo in my bathroom and i’m not feeling too lazy. i do not comb my hair before going out either – i just get out of the shower, get dressed, and go wherever it is i want to go
2. i used to believe in true love. i don’t any more
3. i find it near impossible to understand most kinds of verse
4. when working together with others, i have this tendency to check everything they do, and most of the time, they don’t even realize it. i find it impossible to trust anyone even for the simplest of things
5. i am an egoist, out and out
6. i tend to get into these suicidal phases when i’m depressed. i’ve even tried to kill myself once. it didn’t work, but that’s a different story. don’t ask me about this one, i won’t tell you
7. gay people have made moves on me fifteen times, till date
8. i was a really sensitive person, but now i’ve become numb to most of the stuff that happens to me
9. i have been approached by a pimp who asked me if i’d like to try out one of his er…clients. my response? i am still a virgin – i guess that answers your question!
10. i have bipolar disorder

humbl devil tagged me with the i tag. its arbit stuff about myself. here that one goes...

i am: (prefix a/an as you see fit) atheist, egoist, introvert, humorist, nihilist, misanthrope

i think: all the time. loads more than you think i do, if you know me

i know: not so much, but i get by

i want: to do something that puts my life on the edge; the proverbial running the gauntlet, if you will

i have: intelligence, reason and the ability to stay quiet

i wish: i was free in the true sense of the word

i hate: backstabbers, people who don’t use deodorant or breath-mint, habitual liars

i miss: that feeling of completeness

i fear: hah!

i feel: numbness

i hear: me talking to myself in my head

i smell: breakfast

i crave: adrenaline rushes

i search: for a point

i wonder: why?

i regret: trusting some people

i love: coffee, chocolate, ice cream, a few shots of vodka and a couple of davidoffs, just hanging out with certain people

i ache: no more

i am not: someone who doesn’t say what he feels; nice; pleasant; conversation oriented

i dance: worse than ellen de generes

i sing: in my bathroom, metal mostly

i cry: but i don’t

i dont always: do what i’m told by my superiors

i fight: with myself a lot, and also with anyone who rubs me the wrong way

i write: straight from the head

i win: people over when i want to – its always been that way

i lose: when i have irrational hope

i never: hurt anyone unless they hurt me

i always: try to be by myself and not bother anyone

i confuse: most of the people I know

i listen: if something interesting is being said

i can usually be found: online, in front of the tv, or in my room

i need: chaos

i am happy about: the fact that i am here :)

i imagine: what my life will be like in a few years, just for the heck of it

i tag: *insert name here*

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Friday, June 20, 2008


foreword: hi N-man!!! my partner in crime has finally decided to start blogging!

ok, this is not a picture of me. well not of the actual me. its a collage representation of myself. actually, its a tag (sriram tagged me with this one), but it so didn't feel like one! i suck at photoshop at the best of times, but i think i managed to come up with something half-decent. so here goes. this is me, as abstract as you can get, in a jpg :) go clockwise from bottom left!

(the picture)

the explanation:

the background shows a lone wolf silhouetted against the moon. a lone wolf is the animal i identify with, for obvious reasons...
2. the completely wack shot of the bass guitar is there for my love of music (read as metal)
3. the picture right above and to the left of the guitar is a bar. which is not there to showcase my inebriatedness, its just a place i like to hang out in, simply because people are too busy getting sloshed to notice you. the fact that you can get sloshed kinda adds importance to this. at least to me it does.
4. at the centre, right to the left of the wolf, is a still from unreal tournament 2004. i love fragging and i love ut04 in particular. i like computer games in general :) except hitman, of course
5. i love blowing smoke rings. they look damn good, and they get you damn high because you hold the smoke in your lungs for longer!
6. i like vodka. why? go figure! i just do!!! though i can't always have smirnoff owing to the fact that its fucking costly where i costly? 120 bucks for a peg!
7. i don't think i could go on for very long without a book in my hand (fiction of course). ergo the bookshelf
8. when i'm depressed, blue, or just need some time to think, i just sit somewhere by myself and take a couple of drags. to me, that's one of the best feelings in the world.
9. i am a die-hard manchester united fan. i've been one for thirteen years now. red to the core!!!
10. that's a dragon...yup! i am amazed, interested, mesmerised, and a whole lot of other similar adjectives by fantasy. which is probably why i have read every single fantasy book in the local library.
11. that last one is a stand-up comic stage. i'm a funny guy, and i love making my friends laugh. if you're not my friend, and i'm funny, its a defence mechanism, so bugger off why don't ya?

now i get to tag people. so i tag N (your first tag man!!!), cain (there ya go dude ;)), bob (surprise surprise!) and hera (i know you're totally going to whoop ass on this one)

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i spy!!!

Ok, wow…for the first time in years, ma and I cleaned up my room. Those of you who have been there will know the extent of my messiness. This post is for those of you who haven’t been to my room. Of course, I wrote the above sentences with the impression that there might be people reading who may/may not know me and who may/may not give a fuck. Or I’d just be talking to myself, which is quite like me, so I guess that doesn’t change things in the least! So, armed with my trusty (and favourite) chequered blue hanky, and looking like a complete arse (read as terrorist), I set out to assist ma in clearing my room. For those of you (imaginary or otherwise) who do not know me, my room is a total mess. If an earthquake hit, it’d only look better. It must have something to do with the fact that the more intelligent the person, the more of a mess they make :) (Make a pj out of this and I kick your butt from wherever you are to Papua New Guinea! If you live in Papua New Guinea…yay! Thanks for dropping by. I never thought someone from Papua New Guinea would read my blog. Where is Papua New Guinea anyways? I’m obsessed with the country! All right, getting back to the topic at hand…)

(Uh-sama byn G-man)

I think I have already briefed you about the messiness of my room. Ma took a quick survey and decided to take my suggestion, which was ‘lets just clean the stuff on the floor now’, which essentially consisted of approximately a metric tonne of stuff dating back to two million years before the antediluvian era. Here is what we found on my floor…in chronological order, of course. O yea, it’s only fair to remind you, I’m currently waiting for the final year of my four year graduate course to start (just one set of exams to get through). What does this have to do with anything? Just read (do I here an echo?)

1. A pile of my laundry (yea, I just pile them up in a corner of my room)

2. A pair of old socks…old as in really, really old!

3. Three umbrellas. Now I know why there’s an umbrella shortage at home. Unfortunately, my ma didn’t see the lighter side of it. I feel extremely lucky to have escaped unscathed after being face to face with ma holding a couple of pretty big (and hard) umbrellae in her hands. Btw, why the fuck isn’t the plural of umbrella ‘umbrellae’?

4. Underneath all of that, my cricket bat!!! I’ve been searching for it for ages now. I can finally play again :D

5. A couple of my old school bags. One even had the matchbox I took for our chemistry practicals. That prompted awkward questions, understandably, it being my ma. My snoopy servant (who was there to help us) rummaged through the bag, found the matchbox, specifically went to my ma (who was standing in the opposite corner and getting some fresh air by the window) and told her about the matchbox. Thank goodness they didn’t go through the bag I currently use. If they’d opened up the side compartment, the room would’ve been flooded with the smell of tobacco :|

6. There were three separate piles of stuff in my room. One wasn’t exactly a pile; it was the bag I took during my trip to Mumbai. It still had a couple of the jeans I had taken there. Ma just had to quip “do you plan on keeping them in that bag till your next trip to Mumbai”. I couldn’t come up with a good retort, so I just stuck my tongue out at her and grinned goofily. Moms just have to have the last word, don’t they?

7. And then we came to the pile. Chest high, it consisted of every book known to an ISC student (albeit covered in a nice thick layer of dust, cobwebs, and clumps of lizard poop). Rummaged through that for a while…found a coupla items that I wanted to save. Kinda had to throw the rest out because ma was glaring holes right through me when I looked at some of the stuff longingly. Fortunately for me, she went outside the room to get some more fresh air, and I snuck a few books and papers onto my shelf when she was gone *evil grin!*

8. As it turned out, the pile was piled up on top of a carton filled with my ninth and tenth standard books. That has given me the inspiration I needed to complete ‘stuff, part 3’ (see 1 and 2 here).

9. My dust allergy…new and improved

Obviously, the above process took an hour. Three people working for an hour can do quite a bit of work. Hell, my floor is clean! Now there’s just my chair, my table, my shelf, my draw, the compartment under my draw, my dresser and my loft left to clean up. We have planned on commencing with stage 2 of operation nut-job, on Saturday.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008


I got tagged (1 and 2) by Rahul and Hari There are a lot of tags out there :) here goes this one. It’s about 8 things…

8 things I am passionate about

1. Food! Especially if it has lots of chicken in it :) even though I look like a complete anorexic, I eat a heck of a lot more than my size suggests. I’m bloody irritated that I can’t gain weight!

2. Music. I listen to all kinds. Mainly metal though. Metallica is fucking amazing!

3. Reading. Yea, I read a lot, mainly blogs and fiction!

4. Driving. I don’t know how to drive a car, and even if I did, I’d think driving a motorbike was awesome! I dunno, it’s everything about it that’s somehow got me hooked; which is why I want to buy a really good motorbike after I start working :)

5. My time, when I get to be with myself. I need at least an hour of this every day or I end up fucking snappy.

6. Manchester United. Glory, glory United! For ever!!!!!

7. The net. I can’t live without it. I dread every day that goes by without me checking my mail at least seven times.

8. Legend. I’m quite entranced by mythology and the epics. I wish I could write something comparable to one of them!

8 things I wanna do before I die

1. Earn wads of cash doing a job I like.

2. Go skydiving and bungee-jumping.

3. Visit Egypt and Scotland.

4. Watch a Manchester United soccer game at The Theatre of Dreams.

5. Fall in love with someone and spend the rest of my life with her.

6. Buy a Monster >:)

7. Write a book. A good one!

8. Learn to shoot guns and be awesome at it!

8 things I say often

1. wtf?!?

2. Fuck!

3. Whatever!

4. Go fuck yourself!

5. What plans?

6. Sup?

7. Shit!

8. No issues

8 books I read recently

1. The wind-up bird chronicle – Haruki Murakami (not done with it yet, not too bad though)

2. Kafka on the shore – Haruki Murakami (absolutely loved this one)

3. Dawn of empire – Sam Barone (page turning stuff)

4. Dragons of the dwarven depths – Weis and Hickman (do I even need to say anything?)

5. I moved your cheese – Darrel Bristow-Bovey (rofl! I like this as much as I hated ‘who moved my cheese’)

6. Harry Potter and the deathly hallows – J K Rowling (my favourite in the potter series)

7. From the corner of his eye – Dean Koontz (wasn’t great, but I read it anyways)

8. For the death of me – Quintin Jardine (was pretty ok!)

8 songs I could listen to over and over again

1. Nothing else matters – Metallica

2. My immortal – Evanescence

3. Puritania – Dimmu Borgir

4. Seasons in the abyss – Slayer

5. Bored to tears – Black label society

6. Sweet child o mine – Guns ‘n’ Roses

7. Heart shaped box – Nirvana

8. Hero – Chad Kroeger

8 people I think should do this tag

Any 8 people who read this and pause for a second! Thanks for the tag man, liked doing it :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

the trip

ok, not boring evs wit a long and torturous exposition of my trip to mumbai. will just mention the salient points. i have to concur with deepti on this post of hers though. murphy does rule the universe. at least he did, during most part of the mumbai trip.

1. our flight from trivandrum to mumbai was scheduled to depart from the airport at the inhuman hour of 3.45. because all our lucky stars were out on that particular day, the flight departed at the still inhuman hour of 7.45. woke up early, bathed and got ready for bloody nothing!

2. mumbai airport is freaking huge! dad used to work there, 18 years ago. needless to say, there have been slight changes since then. we took a route he was familiar with, only to find out that it was the bloody wrong one. after we walked for the good part of half an hour, we finally found our way out of the airport. and oh joy! the exit we took was nowhere near a taxi stand. so i had to lug my inhumanly heavy bag and walk around until we found one...

3. it was bloody fucking hot there! that night it started raining though, so i thought things would get slightly better over there. i had trivandrum in mind when it actually started raining. mumbai is nothing like trivandrum, even when it comes to rains.

4. that very night, my dad and my uncle were drinking their way to oblivion. i couldn't take part in the revelry as my uncle was my mom's brother. dad didn't want news of my inebriatedness reaching anywhere within 26.9 parsecs of my mom. so i had to go awol for a little while to get my fix. then we ordered pizza :)

5. mumbai rains = x_X
mumbai traffic = x_X
mumbai (rains + traffic) = X_X

6. the taxi guys are honest for the most part. at least the ones we encountered were.

7. the next two days were (apart from the times i went awol) spent at the wedding we were there to attend. anyone who has been to a tamil brahmin wedding will know that they are long and elaborate affairs that involve one religious ceremony after another. there's this thingy where the guy is lifted by his uncle (who is helped generously by the guy's cousins because it ain't that easy to lift up a person onto one's shoulders) in order to mock-prevent the girl from garlanding him. then the girl's uncle lifts her up so that the garlanding can take place. i have never really understood the point of this ritual but its fun anyhow.

8. i am convinced that i want a simple wedding. no elaborate religious ceremonies, no fucking reason to go awol. just sign, get a marriage licence, and throw a huge party later (unlimited booze).

9. we then went back to my uncle's place and it was still raining bloody murder.

10. i got to spend some quality time with my cousin while dad and unc were, well, you know. she's the sweetest person in the world, and i'd've happily braved the mumbai rains and traffic just to meet her :) and no, i'm not just putting this up to make her feel good. she doesn't get time to read blogs.

11. we left my uncle's place on saturday night. the flight was scheduled to be early in the morning. my dad wanted to get to the airport early as he didn't want us to get stuck in the rain. we got out of my uncle's house by around 11.15 pm for our 5.35 am flight.

12. we spent all fucking night at the airport. i couldn't sleep because firstly, i don't sleep with people watching me, and secondly, my dad was snoring like one of them power drills, and that made people stare even more.

13. our 5.35 flight left at around 7.35. a twitchy, bloody-eyed and fucking irritated g-man walked onto the flight.

14. an even more twitchy, bloody-eyed and even more fucking irritated g-man got down at trivandrum airport at 10 am. the flight had a stopover at cochin, and i knew i wouldn't be getting any sleep all day (i can't sleep during daytime unless i'm really sick)

and there we go. btw, if anyone sees murphy anywhere around, just tell me. i've got a tennis racket ready to sodomize him.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


alritey then, i got back on sunday. been sleeping for most of two days because i did not get any sleep for the same :) bloody flight was delayed due to the bloody rains. we were at the airport from 12 am, and the flight left at around 7 am :| other posts can wait. first i need to read everyone's blogs :)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


aw crap, now the papal guard is after me! one of my beer cans hit him on the head, apparently (hey don't "wtf?!?" me! this is ceedy's story!!!) so i'm off to mumbai to cool it for a little while. thankfully though, i lost the feds on that right turn in papua new guinea. be back monday morning. tc evy1. blog on!!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

i'm IT!!!

I was tagged!!! Again!!!!! Wow this is fun :)

All ritey, I think I’ll do Taarika’s tag first and then Poo’s. Poo’s tag requires quite a bit of thinking. Here again, I don’t think I’ll tag anyone. Doing this for the fun of it :) Pardon me for the bunch of tags I’ve done already :D So here goes nothing…

First tag:

Ok, this one has rules…they are

1. Mention the rules on your blog

2. Link the person who tagged you

3. Write about six unspectacular quirks of yours

4. Tag people if you wanna. If you do, tag 6 of them :)

5. Leave a comment on the tagged person’s blog telling them you’ve tagged them

Quirk 1: I do not mind complete silence when I’m with someone. I am of the opinion that you only need to talk when you have something to really talk about. There’s no point in creating conversations purely for the heck of having something to talk about.

Quirk 2: I am an extremely loquacious online presence even though I might not talk all that much in real life. This is probably because I started chatting long before I started actual socialization processes.

Quirk 3: The place I inhabit and/or frequent tends to be an utter mess. In spite of it, I know exactly where to find something. Like my room for instance, I know which book is under which tee shirt and in which pile of junk the two things are located in :)

Quirk 4: I tend to tell people exactly what I think of them, even though it might be a little, or even extremely unpleasant.

Quirk 5: When I get irked, I swear softly, to myself, but don’t show it out. If I’m really pissed, I insult the lineage of the person or people who pissed me off.

Quirk 6: I read a lot. When I’m reading I’m oblivious to pretty much anything that goes on around me. You literally have to shake me and take the book out of my hand to converse with me on any level. Otherwise I won’t even respond. I’m that into the book.

Pretty much everyone I know has done this tag already :) so I don’t think I’ll be tagging anyone

Second tag: Ok, this is a long one, and I’m going to have to think about the answers a little bit. I gotto come up with songs for various scenarios that will occur in ‘My life – the movie’.

Opening credits: Highway to hell – AC/DC

Waking up: Comfortably numb – Pink Floyd

Average day: Fat lip – Sum 41

First date: Lady in red – Chris de Burgh or Here I am – Bryan Adams

Falling in love: Everything I do – Bryan Adams

Love scene: All about loving you – Bon Jovi

Fighting scene: Let the bodies hit the floor – Drowning Pool

Breaking up: Die, Die, Die my darling – Metallica

Getting back together: Incomplete – BSB or Wonderwall – Oasis

Moving on: Mambo no. 5 – Lou Bega or Cry me a river – Justin Timberlake

Secret love: Teardrop – Massive Attack

Life’s OK: Here comes the hotstepper – Ini Kamoze

Mental breakdown: Duality – Slipknot

Driving: Tokyo Drift – Teriyaki Boys

Learning a lesson: Let it be – The Beatles

Deep thought: Rage on – Dan Seals

Flashback: So far away – Staind

Partying: Party up in here – DMX

Happy Dance: EW!!! I won’t have any happy dances in my movie!!! Will have other dances though, and the song’s gonna be: Turn me on – Kevin Little

Regretting: Adam’s song – Blink 182

Long night alone: Hallowed be thy name – Iron Maiden or Bleeding me - Metallica

Death scene: Fade to black – Metallica

Closing credits: Puritania – Dimmu Borgir

ok, if you're reading this...TAG!!! YOU'RE IT!!!

HA ha!

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Our intrepid journalist, Lay Jeno decided to take a trip into the ancient tradition of chicken jokes. If you find the following material offensive or hateful or irreligious, its not intended to be. They're just jokes. If you still ain't happy, go cluck yourself! Or, as my idol, Homer J Simpson would say, 'Why you little...'

Disclaimer: Extremely subtle humour follows. And you may have to have certain basic minimum knowledge about certain TV shows to understand a couple of them. So laugh even though if you don't get it. Pretty please with sugar on top?

Q. Why did the chicken cross the road?

Logical Answer: To get to the other side.

Homer: mMmMmMmMmMmMm, chicken!

Creationist Answer: And God said ‘let there be chicken!’ and there was, and he spake unto the chicken ‘thou shalt cross the road’

Satan Worshippers Answer: And Lucifer, jealous of God’s creation of the chicken, said ‘let there be roadkill!’

Dexter: Mount Rushmore

Nihilist Answer: Road? Chicken?!?

Hitler: Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Chicken, I am fighting for the work of the Lord

Zen Philosopher: The circle represents the peace wreathed in the flames of chaos and drumsticks.

Microsoft Windows: Fatal System Error 0X007B3C5D

Charles Darwin: It’s all in the genes. The chicken-o-saurus crossed paths in the Jurassic wilderness.

George W Bush: To get to its WMD stockpile. That’s why we bombed it into oblivion!

Paula Abdul: It was good when you crossed the road the first time but the second time was just so beautiful. You are just so amazing and so talented and…

My Answer: To create a string of bad jokes. Ergo we come to this post.

Q. Why did the turkey cross the road?

Answer: It thought it was a chicken…

Q. Why did the worm cross the road?

Answer: Because the chicken had eaten it…

Q. Why did the daredevil cross the road?

Answer: To prove he wasn’t chicken…

Q. Why did the pterodactyl cross the road?

Answer: So that evolution would ensure that its genes would be carried down from generation to generation, and finally, when chickens evolved, they too would have an insatiable urge to cross roads…