Friday, June 20, 2008


foreword: hi N-man!!! my partner in crime has finally decided to start blogging!

ok, this is not a picture of me. well not of the actual me. its a collage representation of myself. actually, its a tag (sriram tagged me with this one), but it so didn't feel like one! i suck at photoshop at the best of times, but i think i managed to come up with something half-decent. so here goes. this is me, as abstract as you can get, in a jpg :) go clockwise from bottom left!

(the picture)

the explanation:

the background shows a lone wolf silhouetted against the moon. a lone wolf is the animal i identify with, for obvious reasons...
2. the completely wack shot of the bass guitar is there for my love of music (read as metal)
3. the picture right above and to the left of the guitar is a bar. which is not there to showcase my inebriatedness, its just a place i like to hang out in, simply because people are too busy getting sloshed to notice you. the fact that you can get sloshed kinda adds importance to this. at least to me it does.
4. at the centre, right to the left of the wolf, is a still from unreal tournament 2004. i love fragging and i love ut04 in particular. i like computer games in general :) except hitman, of course
5. i love blowing smoke rings. they look damn good, and they get you damn high because you hold the smoke in your lungs for longer!
6. i like vodka. why? go figure! i just do!!! though i can't always have smirnoff owing to the fact that its fucking costly where i costly? 120 bucks for a peg!
7. i don't think i could go on for very long without a book in my hand (fiction of course). ergo the bookshelf
8. when i'm depressed, blue, or just need some time to think, i just sit somewhere by myself and take a couple of drags. to me, that's one of the best feelings in the world.
9. i am a die-hard manchester united fan. i've been one for thirteen years now. red to the core!!!
10. that's a dragon...yup! i am amazed, interested, mesmerised, and a whole lot of other similar adjectives by fantasy. which is probably why i have read every single fantasy book in the local library.
11. that last one is a stand-up comic stage. i'm a funny guy, and i love making my friends laugh. if you're not my friend, and i'm funny, its a defence mechanism, so bugger off why don't ya?

now i get to tag people. so i tag N (your first tag man!!!), cain (there ya go dude ;)), bob (surprise surprise!) and hera (i know you're totally going to whoop ass on this one)

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Blogger MaStEr KeNoBi said...

nice... but i dont have photoshop installed. and hmmm.. wat r the rules again ?

Blogger P said...

nice summary of 'you'..but aren't you underage to declare your love for smoking and vodka in public :p

Blogger Ria said...

hey thts really very nicely done! :)

Blogger comfortably numb said...

red to the core!!!...awwwwwsum!!!
lone wolf is an interesting choice...gud one dude!!

Blogger HeraShort said...

nice one. I should get to it tomorrow =)

yours looks great!

Blogger Sach said...

Specially the lonely part of you :P I mean the lone wolf...scray ;)
But hey you din' forward the tag to me...I would have loved doin' it :(

Blogger humbl devil said...

one more tag for ya...since you are so good with them...heeehahahaha

Blogger CHRIS/JANE said...

:)goon one there G..

lone wolf--> then ya must be fascinated by all kinda whacko homicide killers--hee, i'm too ;) infact watchin a series called dexter, gotALL THREE SEASONS DOWNLOADED. some kickarse stuff!!

stand-up comedian--> hee even i lurvvv doing tat as well.. n my friends laugh jus to make me stand firm to my belief..

i lurvvv vodka,but for the 'high-bucks' in chennai--> soo wen i need to go cheap, i get local golconda, some tthree small bottles, n get high ;)

n ya're code red!-yppeeee..\\all in aall a grttt tag!

Blogger g-man said...

bob: rules? just put together an abstract collage that describes yourself. no personal pictures! you don't need photoshop, you can do it in powerpoint :) just create a slide and turn it into a jpg using paint or something

p: underage? i'm already 20 :D 18 is the legal age, na?

Blogger g-man said...

ria: wow, thanks :)

saim: yea, i looooove wolves and tigers. red to the core indeed, hi5 man!!!

Blogger g-man said...

hera: woa, that's high praise coming from you. thank you very much!

sach: aw i didn't know you were a tag person. there are some people who get irritated by tags. sorry! will tag ya next time round, deal?

Blogger g-man said...

devil: ye gads! the tag monster attacks yet again!!! thanks man, will do it soon

chris: thanks. o yea, totally fascinated by them wacko homicidal killers >:) i wanna get one's autograph soon! shrunken head would do fine too...and i luuuuuv dexter. think i've seen every episode there is :D high bucks for vodka? a pint of romanov costs just 140 or so at the beverages corp ya know! try getting it from there instead of a bar. then it'll cost 190! yea, code red!!! :D:D:D

Blogger c.H.a.O.s FrEaK said...

nice one dude really are good at explaining yourself. Loved the choice of pictures. spooky, deep, classic.

Blogger Sriram said...

great collage man... ^5!

Blogger Sriram said...

and btw that fuckin windoze xp SP2 had screwed up my exe files, so I couldnt run any of my old programs, and neither did some of the setup files work... so I had to do it with Gimp in linux... but Gimp is awesome... why bother paying adobe wen u have gimp... but who pays ;)

I have planned a lot of stuff to say to M$ when I call(Yes! I'm planning a call!) their customer support.. and thats gonna take a post in itself :p

Blogger g-man said...

sriram: thanks bro...did d best i could i think. exe files? old programs? linux doesn't run exe files, correct? also windows setup files...i thot gimp was just for pictures, a replacement for photoshop. o well...

don't bother wasting your money calling them up is what i'd say

Blogger Sriram said...

@g-man: Disambiguation: I couldnt use bloody photoshop, because of the afore-mentioned problems(old photoshp.exe not working, setup for it also not working) so I used Gimp from linux :D

don't bother wasting your money calling them up is what i'd say hehe... toll free, bro.

Blogger AaYuShI said...

Great one,dude.

Its not that bad a work of photoshop!!

Blogger g-man said...

sriram: then i'd have to say don't waste your time and acetylcholine calling them up :D i have a friend who uses gimp in vista :| he doesn't wanna switch because its genuine and he got it from the sony ppl when he bought his laptop

aayushi: really? wow, thanks a lot. i thought a lot of the pictures jarred with each other and with the background :)

OpenID vishvsambyal said...

abe tu davidoff marta hai kya...kya rate hai be..yaha 90 ko dabba hai

Blogger g-man said...

samby: here a 20-pack of 90mm cigs costs 85 bucks. i get them for 80 :) but the place that sells them is kinda far away, so most of the time i settle for gold flake kings. but i definitely prefer davidoff :)

Blogger Sach said...

hmm pakka se..i m so crazy abt gettin tagged..!!.

Anonymous Emerald said...

Good post.


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