Friday, August 22, 2008

The resurrection

‘Look, up in the sky!!!’

‘It’s a bird!!!’

‘It’s a flying polka dotted purple elephant with pinstriped wings wearing a cashmere fur coat and singing ‘it’s raining men…hallelujah!’’



‘Fuck!!! What the fuck is going on?!? I fucking paid you guys for a fucking brilliant entry. I even settled for the fucking porn writers’ guild because they did dialogues fucking cheap, just so I could get a fucking brilliant entry. So what’s the fucking deal, Shpealberg?!?’

‘We just received a copy of your bank statement you shmuck!’

*Guy holds up a poorly fabricated card saying ‘and once again the day is saved fucked, all thanks to g-man’s bank account*

Damn! That movie idea didn’t work out pretty well. But anyhow, I’m back. Yes, woohoo!!! G-man is back (applaud at this point…please…pretty please?) Lotsa stuff has been happening over here. Our exams which were to end on Aug 5, finally ended yesterday. (No comments here. Well actually, fuck that! Now our chances of getting out of college early have been completely fucked by the university. So I’m thinking of training a million monkeys to pee on the bewigged head of the fucking controller of examinations). Well, I must confess, it was partly owing to Kerala’s er…national pastime, which is called a hartal, or, in layman’s terms, a fucking strike for absolutely no fucking reason. We had an exam postponed because the opposition party declared a hartal against the ruling communist party, because apparently, one paragraph of a fucking 7th grade social science text book advocates communism. Fucking bullshit if you ask me! See this for details. Now if it had said ‘thou shalt be a communist’, I would’ve been pretty miffed too, if I was part of the opposition party. But this makes me go ‘fucking pricks!!!’

In other news, I’m glad to inform you, my loyal fan(s) that I have been placed in a company (I am not mentioning which as I would not like to jeopardize my future job :|) It’s a funny story actually…the three of us (Gov, Hektor and I) were in the first batch of interviewees. We only found out when we were waiting for the test results. And that too, after our names had been called out. By then, it was too late to go and change into the very formal clothes (and tie, in my case) we had brought for this very eventuality, so we ended up attending the interview wearing beach shirts :| Luckily, the interviewer didn’t comment on my attire. He didn’t say anything much either (tall, dark, silent, intimidating guy…I was, like, totally wtf?!?) At the end of it, he actually thanked me for taking time to attend the interview. I thanked him for taking time to conduct the interview that enabled me to take time to attend it :| it was all one big mushy farewell. At the end of it, I was thinking ‘Wow, maybe he thanked me because of my amazingly casual style of dressing…being unprepared to change the way I was just for an interview. This is awesome!’ As it turns out though, he thanked everyone whom he interviewed :| drat!!!

Ok, enough of this boring stuff. I’m officially back!!! And I’d like to thank all ofmy loyal fan(s) friends friend brain spleen who supported me through this torturous ordeal, and who have to tolerate more of my posts now. But first, I’ve got a million blogs to read :D Cya!

P.S. HA ha!