Monday, May 08, 2006

something i got down to writing...

jus wrote this one when i had a wee bit o free time...plannin to send it in for the coll mag thingy. hopefully someone wil print it. it's titled


Friedreich Wahtensloffer XI stood there, chewing his food, looking bored as usual – who wouldn’t with such a name. The food was just like his life had been for quite a while now – vapid. He surveyed the world around him – up until the limit his short-sightedness set, anyway. He sighed then, a huge rumbling sigh that was like a seism, which penetrated you, drawing out all the sigh-able elements inside. He was never a cheer-upper – he had known that all along and so never tried. Well, not after the day that Jimbo – his pen pal - had thrown himself off a cliff. But that was a long time ago. Ok, so it wasn’t that long ago, but was something he had put behind him. He found himself still chewing his food and swallowed it in one enormous gulp. It went down his throat like a lump of clay.

Friedrich reminisced; since he had nothing better to do...He was a frightful little devil – that’s what mom used to call him, anyway. He didn’t remember much in the way of actual thoughts at that point of his life, but he did know that he was strangely attracted to rocks. Funny, he thought, how you never remember most of the stuff that goes through your head during the most powerful cognitive stage of your life – what you do remember is vague, fragmented, or just plain nonsensical. But that wasn’t right now, was it? He wouldn’t be here doing and knowing the things he did were it not for the inferences he made in that phase – hey, everything’s biased. Funny, screwed up place, this...

He stood there, watching the people come and go like ants scurrying about. They even bumped into each other – ants were definitely more polite though, they didn’t ask others to go do something or the other. They always seemed to have something or the other to do, somewhere to get to. Everyone was in such a hurry all the time they hardly stopped or even paused to take a look around them, take in what was happening, do the small things like smell the flowers or watch the birds fly, or even to admire nature. But that last part wasn’t that easy any more. That’s one thing he didn’t like about people. They couldn’t stand the fact that there was always someone or something above or before them. So what did they do? Replace jungles of trees with those of steel and concrete so immensely huge they blocked out huge areas of sky from those poor, admiring imbeciles sharing that world with them, thinking it beautiful just because they hadn’t seen anything like them ever before.

The only person by far most of them liked to look up to was someone they called god – someone they invested with truth, justice, morality, creation, everything. The whole concept was so laughable...the supreme, all encompassing idiocy of this puny race that couldn’t tolerate being ruled over and yet believed in such a thing as their god and let their so-called religious leaders preside over them like anything, along with those of them who didn’t believe and allowed people to dominate them. Isn’t it as presumptuous to say there is such a being as it is to say there isn’t? Yet it is looked upon as an ignominy when someone says they do not believe, as it is when someone else says that they simply cannot know, whatever reasons they may cite for their respective beliefs – it is looked upon as ignominious by the biggest bunch of fools of the lot, who believe in such an entity just because they were brought up to do so, without clearly thinking upon the ramifications of the statements they take to be axiomatic. That being ensconced in a shell of dogma appeals to someone is self-explanatory.

What is with these people? They who condemn violence and use it generously in aiding and bringing about ‘justice’, they who hate to be judged and judge others like it was the most obvious thing to do, saying their cause is inherently justified, they who oppose something one day only to throw their weight behind the very same thing expressed somehow differently by someone else on another, and those in power, whose sole purpose seems to blinker and fetter those below them to gain their own motives, ulterior or not...What of democracy, then? And of free will? What of the pure unadulterated joy of something which is not commercialised, an infrequent rarity which others could never take away from you?

He was tired of mulling upon the same old things over and over again. The race was doomed; he had known that from the start. Elitist bastards, the whole lot of them! They made him sick, the most frustrating thing being he had to deal with it all – he didn’t have any choice now, did he? Why oh why he had ever gotten into this chain of thought he didn’t know. All he knew was that he regretted it now.

But what was a hippo to do; going on like this...All he knew was what he saw from the security of his enclosure. The rest was just plain guesswork. At least he could exercise his thought and logic that way – hmm, maybe his imagination as well, if it came to that. He shook it off and looked up. Wait, is that a human kid? It was...standing alone, peering into the depths of a vast infinity that only he saw. Friedreich smiled then – if hippopotami can smile; well, you know what I mean. There’s something you don’t see everyday. Think, kid, think...Only if more people would actually do that. Sigh! Maybe there is some hope after all...o0o, is that a new rock?!?