Sunday, June 22, 2008

ta dah!

mum was too tired to clean up my room on saturday, so that has been indefinitely postponed i guess. maybe in the next five year plan. hopefully before i have to get out of this place :) i think i want to see my room clean at least once. that hasn't happened ever since i moved into it. funny how a room that seemed so big initially can get so full of stuff and yet not contain all the stuff that it could contain.there's a coupla more tags i received in the meantime, which i intend to do now...

poo tagged me with the secrets tag. i'm supposed to put up ten of my super secrets on here. i have plenty to spare, so this won't be an issue. here they are...

1. i do nothing about my hair. i shampoo it when i remember that i’ve got a bottle of shampoo in my bathroom and i’m not feeling too lazy. i do not comb my hair before going out either – i just get out of the shower, get dressed, and go wherever it is i want to go
2. i used to believe in true love. i don’t any more
3. i find it near impossible to understand most kinds of verse
4. when working together with others, i have this tendency to check everything they do, and most of the time, they don’t even realize it. i find it impossible to trust anyone even for the simplest of things
5. i am an egoist, out and out
6. i tend to get into these suicidal phases when i’m depressed. i’ve even tried to kill myself once. it didn’t work, but that’s a different story. don’t ask me about this one, i won’t tell you
7. gay people have made moves on me fifteen times, till date
8. i was a really sensitive person, but now i’ve become numb to most of the stuff that happens to me
9. i have been approached by a pimp who asked me if i’d like to try out one of his er…clients. my response? i am still a virgin – i guess that answers your question!
10. i have bipolar disorder

humbl devil tagged me with the i tag. its arbit stuff about myself. here that one goes...

i am: (prefix a/an as you see fit) atheist, egoist, introvert, humorist, nihilist, misanthrope

i think: all the time. loads more than you think i do, if you know me

i know: not so much, but i get by

i want: to do something that puts my life on the edge; the proverbial running the gauntlet, if you will

i have: intelligence, reason and the ability to stay quiet

i wish: i was free in the true sense of the word

i hate: backstabbers, people who don’t use deodorant or breath-mint, habitual liars

i miss: that feeling of completeness

i fear: hah!

i feel: numbness

i hear: me talking to myself in my head

i smell: breakfast

i crave: adrenaline rushes

i search: for a point

i wonder: why?

i regret: trusting some people

i love: coffee, chocolate, ice cream, a few shots of vodka and a couple of davidoffs, just hanging out with certain people

i ache: no more

i am not: someone who doesn’t say what he feels; nice; pleasant; conversation oriented

i dance: worse than ellen de generes

i sing: in my bathroom, metal mostly

i cry: but i don’t

i dont always: do what i’m told by my superiors

i fight: with myself a lot, and also with anyone who rubs me the wrong way

i write: straight from the head

i win: people over when i want to – its always been that way

i lose: when i have irrational hope

i never: hurt anyone unless they hurt me

i always: try to be by myself and not bother anyone

i confuse: most of the people I know

i listen: if something interesting is being said

i can usually be found: online, in front of the tv, or in my room

i need: chaos

i am happy about: the fact that i am here :)

i imagine: what my life will be like in a few years, just for the heck of it

i tag: *insert name here*

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Blogger Ria said...

hey nicely one tags!but wht i want to knw is y dont u believe in true love? Answer it only if u r comfortable doin so.

Blogger Hari Shanker said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Blogger Hari Shanker said...

Superb take at both the tag

->"1. i do nothing about my hair. i shampoo it when i remember that i’ve got a bottle of shampoo in my bathroom and i’m not feeling too lazy. i do not comb my hair before going out either – i just get out of the shower, get dressed, and go wherever it is i want to go"
Same here. Well, my problem is more "practical". As in, it's just impossible to do anything about my hair. Period.

->"9. i have been approached by a pimp who asked me if i’d like to try out one of his er…clients. my response? i am still a virgin – i guess that answers your question!...""
Bingo! I was at Brigade Road and that too with *Vice* during a class tour way back in the twelfth! I would have tried out had not he tugged my arm and rushed me away!! :-o

But that was horrifying, seriously! :D

->"2. i used to believe in true love. i don’t any more"
Wow! We have a lot in common! :-) Any negative experiences with love?

Blogger humbl devil said...


Blogger Beach Bum said...

1. i do nothing about my hair...

I don't do much myself either. I've lost enough of my hair that I can't get it to look nice in any way. But I haven't lost enough to justify just going bald. Sort of a catch 22.

10. i have bipolar disorder.

One of my cousins who is more a little brother to me is bipolar as well. I worry about him and his dad, my uncle on my mom's side, who is physically disable. I try and help out as much as I can but they live on the coast so I can't do much.

Blogger g-man said...

ria: maybe its because of the experience i had, as well as a lot of my really good friends. it takes two to make it work, and there are never two people in it. i've come to believe love is just an extended infatuation that could go away at any time.

Blogger g-man said...

hari: thanks bro...its impossible to do anything about my hair too. i used to try to keep it in check, but my comb lost quite a few teeth in the process, and i lost quite a few hairs trying to extricate the teeth.

at least your experience was in bangalore. mine was in good old trivandrum, and there was nobody to drag me away. i just walked off after a while because i couldn't comprehend what he was saying initially. then, when he brought cash into the picture, i had a pretty good idea.

bad doesn't quite express it

Blogger g-man said...

devil: thanks dude :)

beach: i think i'll try goin for the shaven head look sometime :) the only problem is my skull is too bumpy!

bipolar disorder ain't too bad. at least i haven't found it so. well, excluding the extended period of depression i just got out of. its manageable

Blogger Keshi said...

LOL @shampoo when I find a bottle...

btw, true love used to be the olden days..


Blogger Ankur said...

both the tags nicely done btw... :)
and i was abt to ask the same question ria asked!!!
but then i got my answe... which let me to another que...

would u not accept someone again in ur life???


Blogger Reflections said...

i lose: when i have irrational hope do I, so do I...sighhhh

ok i'm taking it up, tho u wont profound stuff like urs in mine:-D

Blogger AaYuShI said...

*I am...

Er.Seems like m too much of that as well :-S


Blogger g-man said...

keshi: used to be hard? i thought it was just fictitious...

ankur: accept someone in my life. of course i'll be able to. but i will never pour everything i have into it, unless i actually knew it was headed somewhere

Blogger g-man said...

nancy: yea, i guess everyone does. but we can't stop ourselves, can we? profound? lol, uptight would be more like it :)

aayushi: cool! maybe we could get together and go on a killing spree sometime

Blogger Destination unknown said...

i hear: me talking to myself in my head

i have been thinkin dat it z sumthn dat hapnz 2 me nly and itz d preliminarily symptom of abt 2 go itz saved...hehe.

both d tags nicely done ma dear...

Blogger comfortably numb said...

gay people have made moves on me fifteen times, till date:P...hmmm!!!
i ache:no more...hopefully it remains so forever

Blogger Sach said...

well take...
I share something,
*"i used to believe in true love. i don’t any more", then
*"i am an egoist, out and out" (I am nothing more or less than that) and sadly even,
*"i tend to get into these suicidal phases when i’m depressed" (though intelligent me never did any thing wrong with my life!)
Than more on list :D :D :D
i think: all the time
i have: intelligence n reason but no ability to stay quiet
i hate: backstabber's, people who don’t use deodorant or breath-mint, habitual liars, even diplomats, people who give missed calls...n a lot...i suppose I hate people!!!
i miss: that feeling of completeness (I do I do!!!)
i hear: me talking to myself
i wonder: why?
i regret: trusting some people
i am not: someone who doesn’t say what he feels; nice; pleasant; conversation oriented
i write: straight from the head
and the best!
i can usually be found: online


OpenID vishvsambyal said...

i thought i held the recod for getting pinched in the butt by gays for like 5 times..but ur the champ of the champs...

Blogger g-man said...

vinita: lol thanks. i talk to myself outside my head too, as in physically :D

saim: kya kahoon man? there are a lot of weird gay people out there! and i hope so too :)

Blogger g-man said...

sach: woohoo, wanna go get a cup of coffee or something? ;) lol ^5 buddy and congratulations. you're as paranoid as i am...

samby: hey, at least you got pinched in the butt! i got it on the anterior part of my body. and being champ of the champs sucks! i wanna donate my title to someone else. so who wants it?!?

Blogger Cinderella. said...

YOu did the secong tag really well yaar ! And we said he same words with "I wonder : why?" !!!


Blogger Poo said...

Hey, I don't believe in true love either, only happens in movies and books!!! Gay guys hit on u tht much!! You know its almost a huge compliment...the pimp thing is lol!!!!! I have seen it happen so many times:)) not to me obviously but frnds!! am doing the second tag u've done...seems like a season of tags on blogsville!

Blogger g-man said...

cinderella: thanks for dropping by! and for the comment :) i've always wondered why. am of the opinion that nothing has a point

poo: it doesn't feel like a bloody compliment!!! yea, lotsa tags going around these days :D will read yours as soon as you post it

Blogger La vida Loca said...

I likes the tag :)

Blogger HeraShort said...

Yes, getting hit on by gay men is a weird kind of compliment. They're picky!

Don't give up on true love completely. It'll blow you over like a strong wind when you least expect it!

I'm so doing these.

Blogger Keshi said...

not always...


Blogger g-man said...

la vida loca: thanks :) i liked it too :P

hera: i don't think i wanna get complimented that way :| yea, well, it blew me over like a strong wind once, but it turned out to be something different

Blogger g-man said...

keshi: nowadays i guess i prefer to be pessimistic. sorry that i sound rude, i don't mean to be!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, first time on ur blog... Glad I found it.. Used to think I was a real real odd one , the egosim, not trusting any1, bouts of depression, suicidal feelings, Misanthropy and what not ..

Blogger g-man said...

anon: thanks for dropping by and for the comment. i guess you're just as er..."un-odd" as i am, if its any consolation :)

Blogger c.H.a.O.s FrEaK said...

i need: chaos


Blogger c.H.a.O.s FrEaK said...

n start tagging me to please ! 'coz u so know im gonna love doing this

Blogger Keshi said...

lol ok I know that. but yeah I kinda agree with ya too.

I maybe in denial - thats why :)


Blogger AaYuShI said...

Hey0 :p

Don't believe in true love?

Yes you shouldn't :)

NIcely done tags.


Blogger MAN IN PAINTING said...

Clean rooms..i have to adapt myself into this bad habit only after i started living with somebody..when i was alone it was heaven for any microbiologists...
i liked your post..
me have a new post...

Blogger MaStEr KeNoBi said...

Too bad about ur room cleaning ..err.. or is it.. :P
Nice tags.. hehe..

well i imagine living in the heart of our city does have its effect..

Blogger Macadamia The Nut said...

More and more I see a lot of myself in you.

Blogger g-man said...

aayushi: hi5! n thank you :)

man in painting: thanks for dropping by. yea, i wonder what the fuss is all about. clean, messy, what's the difference?

Blogger g-man said...

bob: i no comprehend!

maca: is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Blogger AaYuShI said...

Thou art blogrolled now!


Blogger Cinderella. said...

LOl..yeah right !!

Blogger Pri said...

it was nice reading these to know a lil about u and ur life :)

and best wishes!

Blogger solo said...

u r proud o the gay ppl makin moves on u bit... rnt u?
fun read though!

Blogger Sriram said...

man that anon luks like one desp case!

Blogger g-man said...

aayushi: thank you! so are you :)

cinderella: huh?

Blogger g-man said...

pri: hey thank you very much! for the comment and for dropping by

solo: proud of having my crotch grabbed at by guys, multiple times? i should think not

sriram: naw, i think he/she is cool :)

Blogger Cinderella. said...

Yeah right @ "nothing has a point" baba !

Spot on there !

Blogger g-man said...

cinderella: oh that way! i thought you meant yeah right as in the sarcastic 'yea, right!' :)

Blogger Sach said...

my pleasure! :)
do lemme knw if u have any plans 2 visit Chandigarh...

Blogger Aคyushι said...

5 days and no updates to blog.

*Yawn* :\

I have a new post btw.
Check it out.

*Yawns again* :D

Blogger vasu said...

he rock!amazing secrets revealed here..approached by gay people 15 times??thats a big number..anybody in sct?why dnt u believe in true love nw??mmm..i will find out the answer to all these qs soon..

Blogger g-man said...

sach: let me graduate first :D

aayushi: checked it out! i update soon. temporarily updated now :D

vasu: amazing? yes! revealing? no, i have a tonne more where that came from. nobody in sct. and i don't believe in it because i think its just something you see in movies. true love is everlasting, and nothing really is

Blogger Solitaire said...

How do you know you have bipolar disorder? Have you been diagnosed by a professional or is it self-diagnosed?

How do you feel about having tried to commit suicide once? And how do you feel when people usually say on blogs and comments that suicide is an act of a coward?

Blogger the_thinker said...

I think I also have bipolar disorder. This was a nice read. Among few others things that fits me the one that fits me the best is
i hear: me talking to myself in my head

Blogger g-man said...

solitaire: my shrink thinks i have bipolar disorder. how do i feel? well, i was way down near the bottom of a bottomless pit of depression, and i just didn't want to go on any more. i am not the guy who's going to commit suicide, but that one time i wasn't in control of the stuff i was going through, and there was nothing i could do to make myself feel better. suicide is the act of a coward? really?!? because i don't know anyone who has the guts to kill themselves if they tried. two ways of looking at it. but basically, i don't care what people think of me, so if anyone comments that it is a cowardly act, it doesn't matter to me

Blogger g-man said...

the thinker: thanks for dropping by mate...go see a shrink if you think you have bipolar. it could be kinda screwed up otherwise, especially when you get depressed. oh, i talk to myself and the objects around me and stuff :)

Blogger Solitaire said...

@ G-man,

I agree with you. I do think that suicide needs a lot of guts. People do not really understand because they have not gone through such immense pain. But I see it everyday and can totally understand your viewpoint. Thanks for sharing.

BTW, I did not know you had a shrink.

Blogger g-man said...

solitaire: i took your advice and saw one :)


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