Saturday, July 07, 2007


I’ve been watching ‘the departed’ and man! I’ve gained a lot of respect for the word ‘fuck’ - especially when the guy said ‘maybe, maybe not, maybe go fuck yourself.’ I’m beginning to wonder why I ever stopped swearing. Well, why I stopped swearing like I used to anyways :)

O yea…guess what?!? I’ve been dreaming again. Oh, fuck you Barney! (Barney is my imaginary friend by the way. All crazy people seem to have imaginary friends so I decided to follow suit. Or should I stick to talking to myself? Ah what the sodding hell, I’ll figure it out). This is the last dream I’m going to blog about I guess. Otherwise someone or the other is bound to get me committed (with all due respect to any of my relatives who are reading this – you understand, don’t you?)

This time, its morning and I’m in my own house. For some obscure reason, I feel the need to go to parassala. So, like any sane person would do, I call up three people who happen to be going that way and ask them to take me along. One of those happens to be my neighbour. So I get ready and stuff, and then realize the third guy I called up was Barney (see why I came up with him beforehand!!!). So I get out and my neighbour is waiting for me, when I get a phone call from my best buddy Praveen (who is the second guy I called) saying he’ll be at my place in around 15 minutes. So I ask him to come and wait for 15 minutes and then I tell my neighbour about it and he walks away all disgruntled and stuff.

So, anyhow, Praveen and I set out (I love hitching a ride wit Praveen, he’s got a Karizma!) and we’re on our way to parassala and we somehow go via nalanchira (still remember the place the Loyola school bus used to stop) when I get a phone call. So I reach into my pocket and extricate my mob with great difficulty and…VOILA!!! I have a female stalker!!!!!!! I think my brain got confused at that point because I OBVIOUSLY am the LAST candidate for such a…err…situation, shall we say?!? Then I woke up.

Amen to that