Monday, June 02, 2008

i'm IT!!!

I was tagged!!! Again!!!!! Wow this is fun :)

All ritey, I think I’ll do Taarika’s tag first and then Poo’s. Poo’s tag requires quite a bit of thinking. Here again, I don’t think I’ll tag anyone. Doing this for the fun of it :) Pardon me for the bunch of tags I’ve done already :D So here goes nothing…

First tag:

Ok, this one has rules…they are

1. Mention the rules on your blog

2. Link the person who tagged you

3. Write about six unspectacular quirks of yours

4. Tag people if you wanna. If you do, tag 6 of them :)

5. Leave a comment on the tagged person’s blog telling them you’ve tagged them

Quirk 1: I do not mind complete silence when I’m with someone. I am of the opinion that you only need to talk when you have something to really talk about. There’s no point in creating conversations purely for the heck of having something to talk about.

Quirk 2: I am an extremely loquacious online presence even though I might not talk all that much in real life. This is probably because I started chatting long before I started actual socialization processes.

Quirk 3: The place I inhabit and/or frequent tends to be an utter mess. In spite of it, I know exactly where to find something. Like my room for instance, I know which book is under which tee shirt and in which pile of junk the two things are located in :)

Quirk 4: I tend to tell people exactly what I think of them, even though it might be a little, or even extremely unpleasant.

Quirk 5: When I get irked, I swear softly, to myself, but don’t show it out. If I’m really pissed, I insult the lineage of the person or people who pissed me off.

Quirk 6: I read a lot. When I’m reading I’m oblivious to pretty much anything that goes on around me. You literally have to shake me and take the book out of my hand to converse with me on any level. Otherwise I won’t even respond. I’m that into the book.

Pretty much everyone I know has done this tag already :) so I don’t think I’ll be tagging anyone

Second tag: Ok, this is a long one, and I’m going to have to think about the answers a little bit. I gotto come up with songs for various scenarios that will occur in ‘My life – the movie’.

Opening credits: Highway to hell – AC/DC

Waking up: Comfortably numb – Pink Floyd

Average day: Fat lip – Sum 41

First date: Lady in red – Chris de Burgh or Here I am – Bryan Adams

Falling in love: Everything I do – Bryan Adams

Love scene: All about loving you – Bon Jovi

Fighting scene: Let the bodies hit the floor – Drowning Pool

Breaking up: Die, Die, Die my darling – Metallica

Getting back together: Incomplete – BSB or Wonderwall – Oasis

Moving on: Mambo no. 5 – Lou Bega or Cry me a river – Justin Timberlake

Secret love: Teardrop – Massive Attack

Life’s OK: Here comes the hotstepper – Ini Kamoze

Mental breakdown: Duality – Slipknot

Driving: Tokyo Drift – Teriyaki Boys

Learning a lesson: Let it be – The Beatles

Deep thought: Rage on – Dan Seals

Flashback: So far away – Staind

Partying: Party up in here – DMX

Happy Dance: EW!!! I won’t have any happy dances in my movie!!! Will have other dances though, and the song’s gonna be: Turn me on – Kevin Little

Regretting: Adam’s song – Blink 182

Long night alone: Hallowed be thy name – Iron Maiden or Bleeding me - Metallica

Death scene: Fade to black – Metallica

Closing credits: Puritania – Dimmu Borgir

ok, if you're reading this...TAG!!! YOU'RE IT!!!

HA ha!


Blogger The Smokin' WDM2 said...

ha.. quirk 1, 2, 3 and 6 are exactly much what I am, too!

Blogger Beauty and the BEast said...

the last couple of lines kinda blurred out of focus...

as for the rest.. I think I am quite pleased with the one which proclaims you as a bookworm!! :)

Blogger ceedy said...

well well...i like your quirks...the first one is what i should have mentioned too....


Blogger g-man said...

sriram: woohoo! ^5 buddy

beauty: blurred out of focus? the entire screen is blurred out of focus rite now :D not wearing my glasses. and yea, i guess i'm a regular bookworm

ceedy: wow, thanks!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi g-man ,
nice tags.
your blog is rated NC-17 , you should mind your langauge in other posts. i dont think your parents are under 17 or your sister to be shakeela ? you are a spoilt kid.i came here thru a link from neha's blog ( OMG, she reads stuff like this ? ).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi g-man ,
nice tags.
though your blog is rated NC-17 , you should mind your langauge in your posts. i dont think your parents are under 17 or your sister to be shakeela ? you are a spoilt kid.i came here thru a link from neha's blog ( OMG, she reads stuff like this ? ).

Blogger g-man said...

@ anon: roflmao! if you don't like what i post on here, don't read it, i'm not forcing anyone to! and mind my language? i don't find anything wrong with it. so why don't you run along and go do whatever it is you do...

Blogger Keshi said...

Cool tag!

I actually 'prefer' SILENCE :)


Blogger g-man said...

keshi: thanks! yea, silence is soothing, ain't it? if i really feel like i wanna be with someone, it doesn't matter if we talk or not, as long as i'm with them!

Blogger Taarika said...

hmmm...first off, i dont like anonymous ppl..theyre the worlds biggest buncha assless dipshits..cmon!!! if u have smtn to say, atleast hv the guts to say who u r...wtdya think ne1s gna do to u online? eat ur blog?!?! set a nasty virus on u?! jobless ppl..chey!
oh, n btw, NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!! ur quirks sound more sane than mine!!!!! and i cud have used all of them ok!??! instead i sound like a blabbering idiot! next time u do the tag first and then ill steal all ur ideas ok?

Blogger Taarika said...

secondly, ur quirks
quirk 1: AGREE!!! Even me, who talks endlessly, think sometimes it is just fun to be quiet with someone right?! I mean, being able to have a good time with someone without having to talk, isn't that just great?! I dont understand why some people feel the need to talk just to avoid a silence. Silence is good sometimes. :)

quirk 2: Whatever!! You should talk to people in real life, not just online! Socializing is essential! Don;t tell me now that you don't like dancing as well?! I never understood why some boys don;t liek to dance! How can you possibly not liek to go out dancing?!?! It always makes you feel better!

quirk 3: agreed...messes and me, well, 'nuff sed.

quirk 4: ditto

quirk 5: No! I am NOT teh swearing softly kind. I like to swear loudly!

quirk 6: OMG! AGREE! I am totally oblivious to the world when I'm reading. It's freaky, and I always get in trouble in clas for reading right through block amths. (Why would someone choose block maths over a book?! I fail to understand ...)

Whatever. My commenst are getting too long. I should seriously stop talking so much. Toodles!

Blogger g-man said...

anonymous people aren't worth bothering about...

n you weren't specific when you asked me to mention my quirks :P the tag read 'unspectacular quirks'!!!

and done, next time, i'll be the one who tags you :)

all ritey, i should talk to people in real life? i'm not saying i don't! i talk to the people i know. but i find it way easier to meet people online though. ok, ellen degeneres dances better than me. so i think that explains why i don't dance :|

long comments aren't a problem lol. make them as long as ya wanna

Blogger Taarika said...

Dancing is fun!
Dancing is good for you!
Dancing makes you happy!
Dancing is easier for guys than it is for girls. Well, it's easier for straight guys, all you have to do is the two-step, you're not allowed to do anything else, unless you're dancing with a girl (you shouldn't be dancing with guys anyway, it is beter to dance alone), and even then, it's best not stray far from the two-step. Dancing is harder for girls, but it is still fun.
Dancing is the best thing to do when you go out.
Dancing livens up any party, even the boring ones with old people(I dont go to those much, only when I am forced to)
Dancing is good for your soul.
Girls like guys who liek to dance better than guys who dont liek to dance.
Dancing makes you look good.
Dancing is also good exercise.
OK, how many more reasons do you need?! Get those dancing shoes out already!!! (I dont mean that literally, I just mean, go out dancing with your friends. Dancing shoes are those shiny black ones that you wear for formal do's. Boring! Formal dancing is not fun. Only the salsa and the tango is fun. Waltz is boring unless you have a good parner so that you can laugh)And here ends my talk on the positives of dancing(there are no negatives)

Blogger Keshi said...

Spot on!

Even when Im home, I dun like too much noise ard me. When my sis and mum talks loud, it drives me uo the walls. LOL! Sometimes we dun HAVE to talk to let others know we care.


Blogger g-man said...

taarika: ummm...all ritey! firstly i live in trivandrum. i don't think there are any dance places over here. secondly, two step?!?

Blogger g-man said...

keshi: yay! that's soooo true in my case too...tho i don't have any siblings. but with cousins around, yea :)

Blogger Macadamia The Nut said...

@quirk 1
I'm completely opposite. I can share a comfortable silence with people I know.. but Sharing silence with a stranger in a confined space is like the heights of agony for me. Those awkward polite smiels.. arrrgh!!I start my blah in the first few mins :D
ROTFL @ 2 and 5
Hi5@ 3 and 6

Blogger g-man said...

maca: ah, i tend to ignore strangers unless they come and talk to me. then i make light conversations about the weather and the different types of clouds and stuff which will ward them off. n hi5!

Blogger Ankur said...


on no 2* did u start tat before ur birth!!! :P :P

nice read... and nice to know so much abt u... u mess up guy!!! :P :P


Blogger Poo said...

Like both the tags, some of your quirks are a lot like me, I get entirely taken with the book I am reading. But I am totally a non messy person!

The music tag was fun wasn't it? Wonderwall is one of my fave songs!

Blogger rantravereflect said...

ya're a quirky one g-man..
soo why the g-man?? is it cos ya love g strings?? ;);)

heeee, n yehhh sumhw i'm like ya- i dun talk tat mush in real, but f it's virtual, or it's my blog- i rant, rave, reflect, n i can doooo tat allll over agin!!! :)

as far as moozik goes, i'm a stuck-in-timeperson- it's always a song-for-the-moment till i find tehj next one :)

my opening credits--?>heee antagonistic-->stairway to heaven it would beee :);)

cummmm g-man--?pick a fyteeee:):)

n wellllll, wen ya're readin a book the next time, beware!!!! i willl beee ryte teree.. booohahhahahah

Blogger g-man said...

ankur: well, i'd like to think i started before birth :D but i don't think they invented the internet back in 1988. too drunk to google it now :P

poo: yea, well, i don't like messes too much. but my room is sorta an exception :D i have too much stuff and not that much space to put it in. ergo the mess! yea the music tag was fun. i love wonderwall too :)

rant: lol first of all, i have no clue what a g-string is. honestly, i don't! i've heard people using it, and i've never bothered to google it. its just a name my friends came up with...even i listen to a song repeatedly if i really like it :) and i usually don't pick fights because i don't go and talk to people much. i think that's a good thing. both ways! and about the book thing...just try!!!

Blogger ♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

1. i hate silence. it makes me wanna pull my hair. :(
2. hehe i talk a lot everywhere.
3. haha same here!!!
4. ditto.
5. nope, do it loud. if tis someone elder, uh-huh, yea soft. :|
6. ditto.

nicely done tag! :)
blogrollin you!

Blogger g-man said...

@ busy writer: you'll get used to it :) thanks for dropping by and for the blogroll. i haven't blogrolled you yet? i could've sworn i had. o well, shall do it when i get sober enough to edit my template :|

Blogger Sutta said...

Okay! So next time when people will ask me for the 'Quirk' Tag. I'll give them your link, coz you wrote all about me. :P

Blogger g-man said...

sutta: lol, be my guest :)


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