Wednesday, April 26, 2006

had nothing better to do, so...

q. why did the worm cross the road?

a. coz the chicken ate it

Thursday, April 20, 2006


exam time hath come. well, actually, it came quite a while ago and kinda took me by surprise. i have just three exams left and i suppose i have to be glad for that. well, not exactly. as pluto said - at least i think it was pluto, he was a wise old guy with a beard right? well, some wise old guy with a beard said it at some point of time. ah hell, let's just imagine that i'm a wise old guy with a beard and i said it now. or better still, i think it'll be to my credit if i make it out so that pluto actually did say this - as long as we're making stuff up, let's do it on a large scale eh? - so let's take it for granted that i went back in time when the time machine was invented - which is not going to happen even when i become a wise old guy with a beard, but keep in mind the 'large scale concept...the big picture, ppl! - and paid pluto a little visit, during which i brainwashed him into saying it. there, doesn't that make things a whole lot clearer? very good! oops, i haven't said what *pluto* said, have i? this is what he did say 'when exams are screwed up, they are screwed up as a whole'. what *pluto* meant was that exams have an intense dislike towards species referred to as students and will go to any extent to cause them extreme discomfort and/or frustration and/or anger. so it was this time around. stupid exams!!!

in the end, i resorted to not shaving so that people (emphasis - the people who are gonna correct my paper) would think i spent all my time so engrossed in my books that i didn't even get the time to take care of myself and laud my efforts by either telling me the answers or by being lenient in their correction. that did not happen. i persisted, hoping that i could at least intimidate the paper, or fool my brain into thinking it was a result of me actually not having the time to do anything else owing to my long hours of study and that i knew everything, if only i had its help. but no, even my brain forsook me there. sigh, its been one hell of a week. and i know exactly what i am going to do right now - i am going to go and shave...