Thursday, July 03, 2008

my point of view

For a very long time, I’ve wanted to put down the reasons why I don’t believe in god. The end result was pretty puerile the last time I tried. This time, I’ll try to put them down as best I can.

My perception of god was that he/she was an omnipotent and omniscient being, responsible for the creation of everything that exists, a higher power if you will. Yes, I was monotheistic despite being a Hindu, for I had always found the concept of multiple gods quite impossible to comprehend. I think the arguments against the presence of a demiurge would be on the same note, but I have never believed in one. The importance is on cause, i.e. god caused existence and was solely responsible for everything in it. God is one who is invested with goodness, morality, justice, benevolence, knowledge, objectiveness and, of course, power. All the definitions I have come across cover all or most of these qualities, and are, I think, fundamentally flawed.

By resorting to causality, we neglect the one basic question. We say god created everything, but conveniently do not ask for the one cause, the cause of god. (Or, if you would like to go with the explanation that the devil created everything when god wasn’t looking, you can, its all the bloody same except for the fact that now you have to believe in both a god and a red dude with horns and a pointy tail.) Every question about existence inexorably leads to the first cause, which we take for granted. Here I’d like to say that I believe that the macrocosm exists because of itself (insert big bang theory here). My logic isn’t any different now is it? In both cases, something is said to be the cause of its own existence, and it is. Sure, you could counter that by saying that if certain fundamental quantities and objects were just a little bit different, nothing would exist. You would be right on that account, and you would also be ignoring the probability of these fundamental quantities being, well, not different from what they are now. We can assign a value to that probability if we knew exactly how many variables we were talking about, but since we don’t, let’s just stop at the place where we become aware of such a probability. Maybe if we thought hard enough, we would arrive at the conclusion that everything exists here, just as it did not exist (because of the difference in the aforesaid fundamental quantities) in a whole bloody lot of other random occurrences like the one which started this, let us call it, universe. Or, maybe, there are other planes of existence where things are different, and that we haven’t quite broken through to, yet. I’d like to suggest that you read Dr. Corey G Washington’s spark plug analogy – it’s not very comprehensive, but it explains quite a bit.

The above argument brooks yet another one, that of complexity which, in my opinion, is pretty easy to counter. It’s fairly easy to look at the complexities of occurrences and opine that there is some greater power at work. But hey, the laws of physics are mighty complex, and explain what goes on. The anomalies in them merely assert the fact that we haven’t yet begun to unravel what goes on around us, and also serve to make the laws more comprehensive by adding on to them. Oh, and if you’re looking for complex, try researching Brownian motion, that’ll tell you how something that seems so very simple can actually be bloody complex!

But then again, if there was no god, then there wouldn’t be any objective values and only relativity to define the concepts of good and evil. Well, what’s wrong with that? I completely agree! There are no objective values because everything is tainted by thought processes and emotions. It all comes down to evolution and not some higher power who etches morals in stone. I mean sure, you could counter that statement with something like ‘what about the people who go around raping minors and torturing innocent people?’ Well, clearly, the person in question does not think it wrong, so the absolute values notion lies shattered, does it not? Even if the person knows it’s wrong and cannot help it, it doesn’t prove the existence of objective moral values. The act is condemned and deemed shocking because it appeals to human emotions and is also against any kind of social norm, not any sort of objective bullshit that drives us all to act nice.

Finally we come to the human factor. I think every human being has a void inside which he/she tries to fill up with whatever suits him/her. It is always a good feeling to know that there’s someone watching out for you and who’ll correct you if you’re wrong, every step of the way; someone you can count on, every minute of every day, someone you can go to, and more importantly, someone to aspire towards. No I’m not saying we all want to be like ‘god’, I’m just saying that we have this notion of a perfect person in our head, which we aspire to attain unsuccessfully. I believe it’s this notion that took the shape of a higher power, this and the fact that we are obsessed with creating stuff.

Do you think that if there really was a divine being, omnipotent, omniscient and benevolent, causing the existence of everything as we know it, invested with objective moral values, and who brings about justice, then things would be the way they are today? Do you not think that if such a being were to create something, it would be perfect and not riddled with the flaws that make up our world? Would such a being even need to intervene to keep things in balance? And, pray tell, how would a being that was both all-merciful and who also brought about justice treat someone who is damnably guilty? By forgiving them? Or by letting them burn in the fires of hell till kingdom come?

On thinking about it, I thought it would be prudent to be an agnostic, because I don’t think anyone will ever have any definitive proof. Well I don’t think it can be proved that god does not exist, because other than cognition, there is no other way to go about it, and someone or the other will always argue against this proof. So, throwing prudence to the winds, I became an atheist, because that is what my logic told me, and that is what it still tells me now.


Blogger Sriram said...

Wohoo! First comment.. in a blog where something like "55 comments" await me when I click that link :)

I rather dont like ur "Yes, I was monotheistic despite being a Hindu" Where the hell does Hinduism advocate polytheism? Man, Hinduism is like open-source --> an open book where customs and traditions are written into and read from at will. It is just a way of life, and the 'kernel' just asserts the presence of a single supreme power. And just like, say linux(ok ok I'm getting obsessed with it now, but u get my point), we have different people following their own versions of it, but all under the same kernel, yet as diverse as a text-based distro and Fedora.

I would like to assert that my way of life is monotheistic, yet only minimalistically spiritual.

Again, without spirituality, India would have been a different place. One more point I believe in is that we have all the right to stick by our own principles and have no right whatsoever to enforce it upon anybody however pagan or stupid their beliefs might be.

Blogger Sriram said...

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Blogger c.H.a.O.s FrEaK said...

I'm agnostic, but that doesn't mean that at times I think "Oh could there be this guy who knows everything and is all powerful?" Hell no.

But the point is, all these definitions are after all made by mortals like us, and need not be right(in the definition of God, not the idea of his existence). So while you have comprehensively and apparently, proved beyond doubt its all bullshit, maybe they didn't require to be proved wrong.
And since we all know none of us have had dinner with God, it is, I believe, pointless to even think someone could be right about God(the irony is we "Created" him and we cant arrive at a flawless definition, just like the idea of perfection).It is true though, I agree with you on most things brother. Still agnostic though.

But then, Logic rules. So do physics.

Blogger Philip said...

Yessir, my attitude to religion too :)

It's all the beauty of probability. If the universe didn't exist, we wouldn't be worrying about why we didn't exist, would we?

Blogger Sriram said...

Damn.. i guess I made myself sound like some religion-obsessed preacher :| Well you know it's otherwise.

And anyway what's the point of dwelling on such a pointless discussion? there's no need to convince anybody (see last sentence on my main comment) It's something akin to saying "Dont look confused... there's nothing to understand!" I second chaos freak on his 'flawless definition" statement, since it is something about which everyone has his/her/its own opinions.

Blogger Sach said...

hey did u ever come across this??
"God is man's best creation?"
I before believed in God. Now also, I do! But on a parallel road I follow this :)

By the way you held a lot of meaning there..I have got things to question my mom!


Blogger Beach Bum said...

Excellent post raising some very valid point concerning the nature of reality.

Right off the bat I will begin to say that I do believe in God. My family's tradition is Christian but if anyone reads my posts they will see I have little respect for most people running around in my country calling themselves such. The forgiving and basically peaceful religion I grew up with as a child has become strident and unforgiving to anyone not holding the same views.
As I have grown older I have come to the conclusion that humans have polluted the basic and noble tenets of the their religions with age old prejudices and hates that over time eat the very life out of them. But I need to get back on point.

By resorting to causality, we neglect the one basic question. We say god created everything, but conveniently do not ask for the one cause, the cause of god.

While I do believe, that is a damn good question that I have yet to hear an answer for. The only one that comes close was an agnostic guy who attended a classes with me saying that given how the structure of the universe seems to always build up to more complex systems . Atoms to stars, stars to galaxies, and clusters of galaxies to super clusters to the point something even greater and complex that somehow transcends our ability to fathom. In the end it becomes a matter of simple faith. I'm sorry G-Man, I'm running off at the mouth. great subject though and if I can get more than a couple of moments alone without the kids driving me crazy I'll try and write a post similar.

Blogger P said...

Good topic and very well written!

I believe in evolution and not in creation. The reason: There is plenty of proof for the first and none for the later.

Having said that, I do pray, thank and apologize to an unknown entity regularly whom I call God (maybe for lack of any other known term). My God is basically my conscience that tells me what is right or wrong. Verbalizing my thoughts to someone else makes things clear in my head. This communication is almost like writing down my thoughts in a blog.

Now you said that right and wrong can be relative, if there are no set rules. That is true for certain things, such as say eating beef is wrong to some while eating pork to some others. But acts like raping and torturing are evil to everyone. I don't believe that any rapist thinks that he is doing something nice.

The way I define good and evil is to see if the thing I want to do is harming or hurting anyone. This way I can set my own moral points without being affiliated to any particular God.

Blogger g-man said...

sriram: eep! 55 comments?!? are you sure we're thinking about the same blog?

advocate polytheism? then what's all this about the creator, the destroyer and the other guy (i forgot what he's called now). at least most of the hindus i know are polytheistic.

lol pointless for you perhaps. this is just something that i have wanted to put down because i have been arguing with myself for a very very long time. i do not intend to sound convincing, this is just the way i ended up talking to myself

Blogger g-man said...

sharan: yep, everything is subject to our limitations. i'm just bugged by the fact that our society does not look favorably upon people who take it upon themselves to question god. i have not comprehensively or apparently proved anything to anyone except myself, i should think. and i agree, it is pointless, but i am not content with being agnostic, because it is logically incomplete

Blogger g-man said...

philip: brilliant statement bro! probability rocks! :D

sach: oh, my mum nearly killed me when she found out i was an atheist. she's still trying to get me to believe in god. i wouldn't do that if i were you :| n thanks for the comment

Blogger g-man said...

beach: thank you!

"humans have polluted the basic and noble tenets of the their religions with age old prejudices and hates that over time eat the very life out of them"

well said. religion as we know it has become warped beyond recognition. i think it was started as an idea to unite people, but now it has, in a way, become politics

"In the end it becomes a matter of simple faith"

bingo! you got that spot on!!! i have faith in the laws of physics, and in the universe itself. and do feel free to say whatever you want on here, i don't mind one bit :)

Blogger g-man said...

p: thanks! i believe in evolution too :) and i do think some people do not find it wrong to do certain things that other people find wrong. maybe its because they can't help it, i dunno. but they do it!

Blogger Karthik said...

I think the incention of something called 'GOD' is to diffrentiate between the good and the bad. When you have the fear of GOD , people believe, that there is a control on you.

But I like the message in the movie 'Anbe Sivam'. For theists ' God is Love' and for atheists 'Love is God'. Nice Post!

Blogger Sriram said...

@g-man: lol those three dudes were added later ;) Much after the original kernel was.. anyway Hinduism is under GPL!

Blogger Macadamia The Nut said...

Amazing perspective! And definitely a brilliant post, no doubt about that.

But, I don't agree with a thing you say
I personally believe that not everything in life can be brushed under the broad 'logical' or 'scientific' umbrellas.

You should try and read 'Many lives many masters' by Dr. Brian Weiz sometime. He explains far better than I can ever hope about certain 'pockets' in life which cannot be rationalized otherwise.

I feel that something/someone exists beyond our realm of vision. Call it God/energy or even a friggin alien. But there's something which cannot be explained away in a neat little notebook...

As for Him/It creating a perfect world.. :D Naah! He/It has more sense than that. Perfection is boring. Would you rather play Quake or some looser video game where the objective is the to pick daisies from a sunny meadow and the only challenge to avoid trampling on sunny earthworms?


Blogger MaStEr KeNoBi said...

Nice post.. this is a very complex topic.. sigh.. my comments cant be said in a concise way here m afraid.. maybe wen i have less things to worry abt i will put up a post with my views on this.. anyway mate.. i have met many atheists.. scary people.. who think their ultimate aim is to live and do what they want without considering what effects it will have to people around them.. i dont think all atheists think morally.. not even close to it.. that will explain y society dislikes atheism.. because the concept feels like a threat to some.. still someone being religious doesn't mean he/she is super nice and morally sound either.. there also it comes down to probability.. anyway bro.. as long as anyone has good morals and ideals he will always earn respect whether he is religious or not.. and i believe good morals and ideals are easier to attain wen someone comes from a religious background.. and the fate of the world now.. wake up bro.. religious people are a minority in parts of the world where it matters the most.. provided being religious!= hypocritical and extremism.. ^_^

Blogger g-man said...

karthik: ok, i get what you're saying, and yea, i do think its true to an extent. the good and bad part that is :)

sriram: lol i loved your comments man!!!

Blogger g-man said...

maca: woa, thank you very much buddy. that's amazing coming from you :)

well i agree that not everything can be brushed under the 'logical' or 'scientific' umbrellas either! but i consider that to be a limitation of the er...umbrellas. and yea, i'll read the book if i get it in the library here, but i don't think it'll change my opinion.

and the thing that exists beyond our vision, i think its just people reading meaning into existence as a whole. we're obsessed with creating stuff and control and power, so i feel its just an extrapolation of that

and i happen to like quake 3!!! not on the easy levels though :| and i'm usually the one who gets my ass fragged the most! imperfection is understandable, and i've thought of things the very same way, but to this extent? definitely not

Blogger g-man said...

bob: dude, i live and do what i want regardless of what it might do to the people around. unless its someone i care about. then things are different. being an atheist does not mean being morally and emotionally blank. it just means placing our faith in ourselves. i'm a hypocrite, and somewhat an extremist, but i don't see a problem with that

Blogger Aa̲yushi said...

Supposedly,you already know what my take on religion and God is.:)

Thanks for putting this up here,with your "concrete" manners :p

Blogger g-man said...

aayushi: where do you think i got the inspiration from? :D

Blogger Sach said...

oyeee??was that some kinda sarcasm??
I mean thanking me for commenting??
Come on!

Blogger comfortably numb said...

v well written but don't agree wid u.
to each his own is what i say
as for the world not being perfect n having so many flaws, think of it n mebbe u'll realise that dose flaws n imperfections r our boon to a perfectly created world....*peace*

Blogger Cinderella. said...

As I started reading I thought you were stretching the lenght of it and not coming to your point...then you wrote,

"....Finally we come to the human factor.......every step of the way; someone you can count on,.............I’m just saying that .... this and the fact that we are obsessed with creating stuff."

I sat awed at the magnanimity and the simpicity of it...!!!

Every word of this para is absolutely-completely-eternally true !!! Magnanimous !! And profound !!!!

The crave for utopia is what gives us the chimera of being in it !

And thats the whlole essnece of all our all....

Wonderful post !!

Blogger Cinderella. said...

And also I loved Macademia's point.....wonderful !!!

That totally explains my side of the story...

For me the context of God isnt agnostic nor atheistic, but just that its a power house of faith that somehow is put in us and we eat from it lil by lil in times of need, and then when we get what we need, we consider that perhaps it resulted form that power house itself...

And this realm indeed, like Maca said, cannot be explained in a lil notebook.

I will read that book Maca talked of. I guess it'll be of immense interest !!

Blogger g-man said...

sach: oh, i always do that. it wasn't sarcastic at all

saim: to each his own indeed, bro. i liked that last statement :) and agree with it, but from a different angle :D

Blogger g-man said...

cinderella: maybe i've just gotten used to writing long answers for exam papers, lol. na, i just wanted to put down everything i thought. thank you very much for the compliment.

i do agree that the realm of faith cannot be represented in a little notebook. faith can do amazing things to someone, but i consider god and faith as completely different concepts

OpenID overclockedfragger said...

a very well thought out post, for a guy still in college, and especially SCT at that.

Been reading your entries for a month now. Mostly, I found in you, the same "angry young spirited man" I was when I was in college.

But this post changes things.

Blogger Aa̲yushi said...

Yayy! :P

Btw mere blog parr comment karo na :( ;P

Blogger Macadamia The Nut said...

Sometimes I think I'm my own God
Go figure

Blogger g-man said...

overclockedfragger: wow, thanks! but i'd like to think of myself as a loyolite who just happens to be in sct :) aren't we all angry, spirited young men/women?

thanks for dropping by

Blogger g-man said...

aayushi: comment kiya re...

maca: i prefer talking to winston (my pet rock). he's very ethical

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A famous quote by Voltaire. It's meaning is still debated today. The way I (like to) see it, it is a sentence said in irony. Voltaire is saying, "Let us accept that God exists. But what if he didn't? Well, we would have to invent him, because he is necessary for the individual / society, for whatever reasons. So then, if he DIDN'T exist, we would actually be living exactly the same way, believing in a God that is not there." With this irony, Voltaire is trying to show that God does not exist. Perhaps Voltaire is saying that it does not matter whether God exists or not......its a very debatable issue.but personally i feel that
Based on what we know today, I truly believe that atheism (not believing in any kind of god) is a much bigger "leap of faith" than theism (believing that some kind of god exists).
it was a bit difficult to comprehend..i read it come up with more comments later...

Blogger vasu said...

A famous quote by Voltaire. It's meaning is still debated today. The way I (like to) see it, it is a sentence said in irony. Voltaire is saying, "Let us accept that God exists. But what if he didn't? Well, we would have to invent him, because he is necessary for the individual / society, for whatever reasons. So then, if he DIDN'T exist, we would actually be living exactly the same way, believing in a God that is not there." With this irony, Voltaire is trying to show that God does not exist. Perhaps Voltaire is saying that it does not matter whether God exists or not......its a very debatable issue.but personally i feel that
Based on what we know today, I truly believe that atheism (not believing in any kind of god) is a much bigger "leap of faith" than theism (believing that some kind of god exists).
this post was a bit difficult to comprehend..i read it twice come up with more comments later...

Blogger Cinderella. said...

"faith can do amazing things to someone, but i consider god and faith as completely different concepts" - G-man.

Agree. But still wanna know what makes you think so ?

Blogger Reflections said...

I frankly dont knw what to say....
read ur post carefully & have to admit u've presented ur case quite well.
...ummm [spent 2 mins thinking what to write]....
I'll just say this......
the trust has to come from within...
until then, u'll continue to search the reason for ur very existence.

Blogger Keshi said...

I second ur thoughts Gman. I was brought up to believe in a God. My mum and all my relatives r God fanatics. But I'll tell u wut made me THINK.

My dad was a mum is a best friend is a Muslim...I went to a Methodist private school where alot of Christians were.

If there was a God, why r ppl so divided? If there's a God who created this world and man as one, then why so many bloody wars and innocents suffering? If God was watching, why the bloodshed and tears?

WHERE IS HE/SHE? Maybe busy shopping? bleh!


Blogger Keshi said...

At the same time..there r some things that dun allow logic to define..some things in this world that we havent still understood...that sometimes makes me wonder if there's some supreme power...


Blogger rantravereflect/ jane said...

there are sooo many things that can be questioned n answered here.. i loved teh way ya 've dissected and countered n questioned here... can't believe that the g-head carries soooo much of depth ;)
tat was a compliment btw..(-->accept it graciously)

i believe religion/s are aftereffect of sectors of mankind in their own time.. stories are built around other men, who then are propagated as prophets n messiahs n mythological characters.. real met fantasy: n we just don't know where teh line btw real n fantasy was n choose that line of religiosity as our ancestors.. or that dork of an ancestor who beleived in the first place..

but ya know what, i choose to be taht kinda dork: choose to have my own faith, my line of religiosity: it's probably that 'human factor' ya're talkin abt.i need a driver for my soul, i wan a guy who can steer my life, n lay down my values (whice are kine n mine alone). soo i guess i dun probe too much, i'm jus a blind, maybe stupid believer, but what really matters is 'i'm a believer'..
n if eveyrone were believers in their own right, then that's teh way to be :)

Blogger rantravereflect/ jane said...

for eg, i know ive been raving abt the guy called dexter wherever i can.. it's a series in the US.. he's a blood spatter forensic, who is also a serial killer.. a guy liek him has his own beliefs: n i salute his spirit.. sooo yeah. to each, his own!

ps: i'm bringing it close to 55.. yupppppeeers!!!;)

Blogger rantravereflect/ jane said...

for eg, i know ive been raving abt the guy called dexter wherever i can.. it's a series in the US.. he's a blood spatter forensic, who is also a serial killer.. a guy liek him has his own beliefs: n i salute his spirit.. sooo yeah. to each, his own!

ps: i'm bringing it close to 55.. yupppppeeers!!!;)

Blogger Aa̲yushi said...

I'm my own God.:)

I completed that story of mines btw

Blogger g-man said...

vasu: woa, goin all out with the quotes, are we? lol! to me, faith is all about faith in yourself, faith in the people around you, maybe even in an object. i do not think it prudent to have faith in an abstract concept

Blogger g-man said...

cinderella: god is an abstract concept. faith isn't. at least when it is not blind. but i feel blind faith is the same as having none at all. faith in something makes you capable of doing amazing things when you least expect to be able to. if it happens to be *god*, i think its just the faith that drives you and not some higher power

Blogger g-man said...

keshi: shopping? lol, for new planets or wat? :P and well, why didn't any of these gods meet? ya know, to have a cup of tea or something, :D hey, after all, they are all powerful. perhaps they didn't like the idea of anyone else matching up to them. but that is a very human emotion, and god isn't defined as human

"At the same time..there r some things that dun allow logic to define..some things in this world that we havent still understood...that sometimes makes me wonder if there's some supreme power..." i think that is a limit imposed by the extent of our logic

Blogger g-man said...

rantravereflect: hey thanks!

"can't believe that the g-head carries soooo much of depth ;)" - yea, bottomless pits are pretty deep :P i am my own god. i have faith in myself, and i do what i want to do. the stuff i can't do isn't decided by some guy up there watching us all, its decided by the people who decide what they want to do, and the ramifications affect us, intentionally or otherwise. to each his/her own, indeed!

Blogger g-man said...

aayushi: woa, i always say that! cool!!! read the story. how about we collaborate on a really gruesome short story sometime? >:)

Blogger g-man said...

nancy: reason for existence? you're saying that to a nihilist :) i live because i have to live. and i am here to live out my days. there is no point other than the point we choose to give circumstances

"the trust has to come from within..." - i didn't quite get this

Blogger Keshi said...

lol yeah they (there r 100s of Gods in some religions) may be shopping for Godly outfits?


Blogger Keshi said...

come n check out some supposedly 'godly' demands in my blog.


Blogger Nirmal said...

bro tat was a huge one...

i believe in god...never seen it ...never felt it..but still do belive HIM..

Blogger Nayantara said...

What makes you think I'm not for real?! :P
OK, I'll stop sounding like a total airhead.

I think the concept of God, essentially, is to give people hope where there is none. To imbibe a sense of right and wrong; the promise of a shiny prize for a good deed, a thwack for a bad one. I think it was devised to be that extra push, where there was no hand. Thats my theory about what God was conceptualized to be. Which brings to fore my point, that God is not an actual entity with blue skin and all. The central purpose itself is sadly forgotten. Of course, the 'trust-in-God-but-lock-your-car' theory works for us here.

Being a staunch atheist, I think it is totally acceptable to be a theist, because in such a Utopian sense, hope never fades.

But if it involves robbing half an hour of your kid's television to watch Ramayan, hell, God will NOT forgive you. :x

Blogger comfortably numb said...

If there was a God, why r ppl so divided? If there's a God who created this world and man as one, then why so many bloody wars and innocents suffering? If God was watching, why the bloodshed and tears?


n HE could turn around n say..for what did i give u d ability of logic n sense, d virtues of love n freedom... u cant apply my gifts n create misfortunes n heinous crimes n den say y do i let it happen??? as far as i rem i had given men d power to decide right/wrong

Blogger ceedy said...

this is a very interesting post and you have a great skill of categorizing your thoughts...

about the post much has been said....and there is no clear answer or point..its a matter of personal comfort...

well you might be heavy headed or light after you wrote this so let me share with you something interesting on a comedians view about religion - hope you like it

Blogger Keshi said...

tnxx CN :)

**for what did i give u d ability of logic n sense, d virtues of love n freedom...

ok I agree. If God gave us Logic and Love, then WHO gave us Hatred and Foolishness?


Blogger humbl devil said...

dude...just one question...hehehehe

do g-dad and g-mom know the beliefs of their g-man???

you shouldn't keep them in the dark about things like these...


Blogger Cinderella. said...


Sweet !

Blogger comfortably numb said...

chck dis link if u wish to...

maybe it helps ur queries in some way...*peace*

Blogger comfortably numb said...

what i meant was that God/Allah has given us sense i.e the ability to distinguish between wrong n right, between good n evil
so d evil n wrongs that u see all around u is in fact our own doing due to our own thirst for power bypassing all our senses n our conscience which tell us that v r doing wrong but alas, our lust for power n riches gets heavy on us.
So, u c its not coz God doesnt exist that these things happen, its coz v have twisted his gifts n boons

Blogger Keshi said...

I u'stand that CN. :) But if God gave us the ability to distinguish between wrong n right, and if he created us, why did he create Man with Love AND Hate?


Blogger Keshi said...

Surely Man didnt create the emotion HATE by himself, did he? @CN.


Blogger comfortably numb said...

He gave us d ability to distinguish between right n what's the use of such an ability if thr's no tester for it.What's life without a challenge.Anger,hate,etc are the challenges thrown @ us to test test our resolve, test for our logical senses, test of our conscience ...sadly, it's a test which most of us seem to be failing nowadays.

Blogger Aayushi~ said...

where the fuck are you?

OpenID vishvsambyal said...

sum ppl need hope....sumthing to believe in..others beleive in themselves... i never gave much thought about god and stuff man...and not do i plan to...dnt need one more worry in my life..and dude..its ur logic..u know what u have to go ahead..and be happy....nice post man

OpenID n i t i n said...
I truly and honestly agree with every single point you mentioned.

But then I figured it out. If I don't start believing in such a higher dimensional being as god, I would go on to erase half of mankind. So, my logic told me "Betta, you should have something to control you na?" And then there was god.

Blogger Keshi said...

nah CN I didnt mean that.

Nevermind. Lets just agree to disagree :)

Ahoyyyyyyyyyyy G-man! Where the bloody hell r ya??


Blogger ceedy said...

Did you get a fatwa on you or what???

where did you dissolve?

Blogger MAN IN PAINTING said...

Mind is always mediocre.Creations of mind too is petty.Ideas take us away from reality.Reality is always mystified by our own senses...
Great post dude.
I would say one of the best...
Names,ideas divisions...
talking about them is important..
great courage is needed for that..
i see that in you buddy..
me too have posted something..

Blogger Keshi said...

G-man u cant juss leave us wondering where u r. Come back!


Blogger comfortably numb said...

yeah...after d world thrives on different view points:)
whr r ya???

OpenID vishvsambyal said...

ha bhai kaha hai ?

Blogger cain l337pwn3r said...

Ijust read through the whole thing... and guess what... FUCK U!!!...[:D]

Blogger nivi said...

woooaaahhhh! look at the comments!!! 73??? wow!!!!!!!!! super :)

Blogger •♥•...๑۩۞۩๑♥V♥๑۩۞۩๑..•♥• said...

Miss ciderella. sent me to this blog,And i thank you for this sweety.
i have found your views same as mine and i totally agree with you.

about faith u got it wrong...check my post.
for me it's amount of confidence in anything that u talk about or do matters.

all of you do read my post on God

Blogger •♥•...๑۩۞۩๑♥V♥๑۩۞۩๑..•♥• said...

rolling you as they say..gr8 minds think alike.

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