Thursday, April 20, 2006


exam time hath come. well, actually, it came quite a while ago and kinda took me by surprise. i have just three exams left and i suppose i have to be glad for that. well, not exactly. as pluto said - at least i think it was pluto, he was a wise old guy with a beard right? well, some wise old guy with a beard said it at some point of time. ah hell, let's just imagine that i'm a wise old guy with a beard and i said it now. or better still, i think it'll be to my credit if i make it out so that pluto actually did say this - as long as we're making stuff up, let's do it on a large scale eh? - so let's take it for granted that i went back in time when the time machine was invented - which is not going to happen even when i become a wise old guy with a beard, but keep in mind the 'large scale concept...the big picture, ppl! - and paid pluto a little visit, during which i brainwashed him into saying it. there, doesn't that make things a whole lot clearer? very good! oops, i haven't said what *pluto* said, have i? this is what he did say 'when exams are screwed up, they are screwed up as a whole'. what *pluto* meant was that exams have an intense dislike towards species referred to as students and will go to any extent to cause them extreme discomfort and/or frustration and/or anger. so it was this time around. stupid exams!!!

in the end, i resorted to not shaving so that people (emphasis - the people who are gonna correct my paper) would think i spent all my time so engrossed in my books that i didn't even get the time to take care of myself and laud my efforts by either telling me the answers or by being lenient in their correction. that did not happen. i persisted, hoping that i could at least intimidate the paper, or fool my brain into thinking it was a result of me actually not having the time to do anything else owing to my long hours of study and that i knew everything, if only i had its help. but no, even my brain forsook me there. sigh, its been one hell of a week. and i know exactly what i am going to do right now - i am going to go and shave...


Blogger swathi said...

by the time i posted my comment i hope u would have shaved!!!

owing to my terrible english i havent understood a word of d pluto thingi:)

cheers swat

Blogger g-man said...

me bak!!! one more xam to go tho. anyhow, i didn't use any complex words in there sis. what's there to understand? i think you fooled your brain into thinking that it was incredibly incredible engish so that your brain would then subconsciously pretend not to understand the stuff i had written down thereby leading to the anomaly that is this comment. n o yea, i finished shaving 10 mins after that post...:P

Blogger lookwhosback said...

wat swat??? didnt understand??? just a load of crap is wat ur little brother blogged about...and considering that u specialise at the fine art of crapping, u should totally identify with whatever he's said.

and g-man, me wanna see u with a loooong white dont shave for like 2-3 months and then come visit me ok...and for white, u can put talcum powder all over your beard

Blogger g-man said...

hahaha very funny shilps, very funny indeed.

Blogger lookwhosback said...

i know i am very funny...thankoo thankoo


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