Thursday, January 24, 2008


o0o exams got over...yesterday in fact. at least i think it was yesterday. o who cares now?!? they're over anyhow. i am no longer on hiatus (is that weeping i hear? wow, this inspires me to an all new level!). so where were we? o yea, that's right, nowhere! well, we kinda went over to kovalam after dsd got over (again!) and we had a blast. vish n i were lyin down in the sand, in d shade of this big boat thingy. hemanth and govind were prancing about in the water. sachin was sitting down somewhere. petts n jacob showed up in a lil while. we had fun. hektor couldn't make it, because he had to go n watch the fucking federer=blake match. is there any fucking point in watching a federer match these days? (except the one wit tipsarevic tho, that was one helluva match).

this past week, i've heard something that really struck me as funny (obviously, its quite explicit). its not funny either. i'm not censoring this!!!

this guy from russia had an accident and lost his penis. the bloody brilliant doctor replaced it wit his finger. i just had to make up one liners outta this...

jay said "now he can zip his fly from the inside"

i was thinking more along the lines of

"its going to be rather difficult to give people the finger"

"the poor poor fingerprint identification system"

"he can sure save a lotta money using a thimble instead of getting condoms"

for those who actually read that, i, fuck that! i don't

n to the person in question...i didn't mean to offend you, i'm just a very sick person who should be shot in public.



Anonymous D said...

its worth watching a federer match if its against rafa....not commenting on rest

Blogger g-man said...

lol, the djokovic match was something as wel...

Anonymous cain said...

concur with u on the last statement:d:p

Anonymous g-man said...

now who wouldn't?!? lets discuss that over a coupla bottles of vodka shall we?

Blogger nivi said...

hmmm... hmmm... hmmm... he he!!!!!! :)

Blogger freebird said...

I couldnt help but wonder, Now why would anyone replace it with a finger? Next thing you know they're gonna replace boobs with kneee caps. Gross!
The jokes cracked me up though :D

Blogger g-man said...

rofl, good 1! n tyvm

Anonymous cain said...

coupla bottles????kodal karinju pokum aliyaaa


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