Friday, January 04, 2008

couldn't help it :)

ye gads! it seems even hektor is blogging more than me right now...which got me thinking 'man, i wonder why i decided to bloody stop using the comp till exams got over...its not as though i'm bloody studyin anything...' so yea, exams HAVE started, and amazingly, i'm taking them even less seriously (pseudo-seriously, rather) than last time around...which i didn't think could happen. but things have a way of turning out now, don't they?

yesterday's exam was pretty easy tho...or so i thought. until i got out of the exam hall. i seem to have this uncanny knack of screwing things up in math, something which was dormant for a while, but it seems to have woken up with a vengeance. well, actually, it was screaming bloody murder yesterday. i'll have a pretty good score at the end of it, but pretty good ain't nearly good enough in math, especially not for a paper as stupid as the one we had yesterday. drat! there go my chances of snagging a good percentage this sem (math has rescued me every time since college started).

we did have fun after the exam tho. anand, petts, gov, jacob, nikhil n i headed out to kovalam (4 biker guys n the 2 of us). i was sitting behind anand. he clocked 110 ks per hour, as he's no doubt bragging on his blog (and in my defence, i'm skinny, but i'm not bloody light enough to fly off!!!). all we did was walk around in the bloody sun, but it was kinda good. compensated for the exam anyhow. gah, now we got an industrial engineering and management paper on monday. heh, it kinda reminds me of the first series paper. hemanth brought some smirnoff to college and the both of us ended up goin to the bathroom and sharing it :D:D:D i ended up getting an 80. that was a barrel of laughs. i don't think anyone is gonna bring any vodka to college on monday, so i think its pretty safe to say 'i'm bloody screwed!'

wow, look at the time! i think i had better go start preparing myself to start studying, or i won't study all day. i think dad's teaching me the accounting bit today.



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