Monday, December 17, 2007


wow, this has to be the best beginning to a week i've ever had before. went to sleep on saturday night, kinda early. turns out, i'd wake up kinda early too, at around 2 am. it felt like someone was ripping up my gut and grinding the pieces together. i spent the next three hours swallowing pills and then throwing them up, spectacularly. you know what, now i just know this week is going to be awesome! sarcasm aside though, i have decided to make the ultimate choice this week...japanese or gothic. this is going to be tough. i'd decided to start studying this week, but this seems to be so much more, erm...what's the word i'm looking for here, lucrative? ah, that'll do. or, wait, that's for later. for now, let me go and play kotor2...again...


Blogger monsooner said...

You use pills to sleep? ...
Good luck with your study plans!! <:-P

Blogger deeps said...

try gothic dat sounds bettr....hw far along ve ya reached?

Blogger g-man said...

akhil: i don't use pills to sleep dude, wen d insomnia kicks in, it kicks in. funnily enough, it doesn't kick in wen i have exams

deeps: i figured i'm going to take the 'joey' way out :)


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