Thursday, December 13, 2007

the theory of nothingness

wow, this is the best thing i've been able to do in my LIC (Largely Irritating Circuits) lab ever. we had extra lab today because apparently we hadn't finished our circuits yet. i was just sitting there, staring at the breadboard, when, for the first time in millennia, an afflatus hit me. so here it goes...the theory of nothingness. its indisputable fact, so don't get any ideas!

consider the ideal human being (here, the characteristic of an ideal human is that he/she/it is flexible enough to get to a position from which he/she/it can accommodate their cranium up his/her/its posterior. it doesn't get any more ideal than this!). now, consider the circumstance which forms the very basis of their ideality (the head up the arse thingy!). all right, so it goes in, and at some point of time in its journey, it shall travel up the oesophagus and reach the oral cavity and come out of its mouth (nice picture eh?). but here, the entire head is in the oesophagus, so it comes out inside the body itself. then follows an endless chain of emergence and reemergence, which causes the body to constrict, eventually leading to a condition where the body no longer exists. thus, it is possible for a human being to disappear completely (forget the spontaneous combustion shit, this is a much more plausible explanation dontcha think? :D)

of course, gow thinks the idea of a person who starts by swallowing his/her/its feet is better. somehow, i tend to disagree. its too unexplicit for my liking :D:D:D

epilogue: protocol says that this message was meant to be put right up there before the lump of shit you just went through. but we say 'fuck protocol, bring on the laxative!!!'. the pure shit up there was explicit and shouldn't have been read by any people who don't appreciate explicit or borderline-explicit shit. so if you fall into the afore-mentioned category and still read it, i honestly and sincerely
say to you, fucking n00bs!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

rofflemao...rolling on the flooor laughing my ass off

Anonymous cain said...

anonymous aai poyatha....srry...its me rohit...:D

Blogger g-man said...

heh heh ty dude

Blogger dEstini said...

"that is some pretty fucked up shit"

said someone in some film. so who gives a fuck :D

the point is, u made me smile. yes n we all fuck protocol. N save the laxative, i'm perpetually diarrhoeic:D

Blogger monsooner said...

>> g-man, my man!!

Is it the g-man renaissance in contemporary art?

Plausible, it is, man ... inganethe aalkare aanu nammade naadinu innu aavishyam!!

A feet-eating constricting guy is totally out of the question. Dismissing it, strongly ...
Ee pennungalde karyam! 8-|

Blogger g-man said...


tyvm u 2

@ destini: you 2?!?

@ akhil: wat say we give the world hell?

Anonymous hektor said...

aweosme man, fuckin great crap!!!! come up with more of this stuff.. i particularly liked the "largely irritating circuits"!!!

Blogger g-man said...

lol, you should post more dude...


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