Thursday, January 17, 2008

ad nauseam

ah, here i am again...i don't know why or how, exactly, but i'm here anyhow. why do i ask myself why or how you ask? well, i have this teeny weeny little bump in my path (actually its more like an infinitely large, positively charged, malodorous carcass with a capacitance of 0.02E-27 pF). now where the fuck did that come from? well, its called applied electromagnetic theory and i have a paltry one and a half modules left to go through (out of three, that is). naturally, i'm taking a break till 8 o clock at least (house is on at 7...don't wanna miss that now) couldn't study anything yesterday because the doctor's recommended course of treatment for my leg involved strips containing salicylic acid that literally dissolved the clot. it sounds painful, doesn't it? actually, it isn't painful. the word 'pain' isn't something you'd use to describe the feeling of your skin slowly being burnt away with a cigarette lighter or a bunsen burner or whatever the fuck you can think of. o well, i'm going to play heroes for a while before house starts. cya!


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