Friday, December 14, 2007


yay, i finally had a pretty decent day! we had a lab exam in the morning. a pseudo-one anyways. it was fun...all of us sitting inside one gigantic hall with a whole bunch of other ppl. well, you know the rest >:) after that, i got to drive hektor's unicorn for a lil. but due to unavoidable circumstances (cain sitting at the back wen the bike was leaning on my right foot. ok, let me explain this more clearly. 56 kilos -> me, somewhere around 150 kilos -> unicorn, somewhere around 95 kilos -> cain. put it all together and we get 'O FUCK, MY LEG!'), the driving lesson was cut short. heh, it was fun tho. finally got to meet namic again, that was pretty cool. then, hektor, gov n i went over to a friend's (hari!) place. gov had to leave, but we were there for a while. finally got a coupla games that won't assrape my antediluvian computer. got home and got kotor2 to work on my fucking ultra-low-end graphics card with pixel-fucking-shader1.4 in my fucking agp8x port. but it worked, so i guess i shouldn't be complaining. hey, the game i was really looking forward to playing turned out to have really shitty reviews, so i guess this'll do for now. ah, well, its been a pretty nice day so far. i'll post this tomorrow so as not to jinx the rest of it. l8r


Blogger monsooner said...

You can't expect everything to turn up the way you want it to be :D

Ennallum, ... what fun it is, to get our minds messy ...we try!

Blogger g-man said...

heh heh yea dude...


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