Monday, December 24, 2007


that's what i'm goin to be in, i guess...surprising things have been happening, so i think i'll do something which will come as a complete surprise to myself. firstly, i have total strangers coming n telling me they liked marty and i have no fucking clue how they found out. n its not an entirely comfortable feeling. especially when someone comes and says 'keep up the good work'. that was pretty much a once in a lifetime burst of inspiration and it came at a time where i was seriously contemplating whether i should actually think about writing a book in the distant future, when i'd hopefully amass a passable vocabulary. well, that doesn't seem like an option any more, because a whole lot of stuff has kinda leeched all the creative shit outta me. n i'm stuck bein like this i guess. well, not that i'd've been good at it or anything, but its always nice to have a dream isn't it?

second surprising thing...i was rummaging through the freezer in a quest to un-ice some chocolate when i stumbled across a bar of soap. weird! i still have no idea how it got there. ma just gave me a sheepish smile when i bounced it off her (not literally you n00b!)

since things have been so surprising, i've decided to stop using the comp after today, until the exams get over. lets hope that at least this time around, i'll get a decent fucking percentage. its been downhill all the way from s3 and, well, it doesn't hurt to try now i guess...cya


Anonymous cain said...

bar of soap in ure refrigerator...roflmao... u made tht up!!!!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

exams suck....well u do ve a great vocab.."keep up the gud work":D


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