Thursday, December 20, 2007


wow, day 3 of manic depression and things just seem to get worse. this must be my lucky week. dang, i should've never woken up on sunday. sometimes i get the feeling i'm frigging bipolar. good things do happen though. dad gave me the key to the kinetic today, so that was pretty nice. was driving around most of the afternoon. went over to bob's place and got his lab record from him. i've gotto go get it certified tomorrow. but before that, i kinda have to draw a couple of diagrams in there to complete it. now i'm thinking 'wow, imagine that! i loathed writing my record and here i am, offering to do it for someone else...' me and my fucking principles! kotor2 got over today as well. so i guess i gotto go hunting for something else to play. gah, there's always heroes of might and magic.


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