Saturday, December 15, 2007

this seems to happen quite often

hm, this is weirdly repetitive...have you ever had a pretty damn decent day, so bloody decent that you can finally go to bed and think 'wow, maybe this isn't such a screwed up place after all'. n wen you wake up the next morning, it feels like something (which makes it all not-so-messed-up) is fluttering around you, managing to elude your grasp every single time. this looks like its going to be a long - and boring and pointless - day. i think the only good that's going to come off it is george n i going to see bob. he kinda met wit a little accident yesterday - bent his ankle all the way up to 90 degrees, sideways. o yea, there's another one too. i won't be able to write my record today owing to the fact that i don't have another one to write from :) so i guess i'm going to be neck-deep in shit tomorrow but i don't bloody care right now. since i'm going to be kicking myself up the arse anyhow, i think i'll go ahead and start right now. kotor2, here i come!!!

*influence gained*

sorry, couldn't help that last bit ;)


Blogger monsooner said...

This record-writing shit should be banned! *sigh**sigh*

Blogger monsooner said...

Njan oru divasam kondu ellam theerthu! *sigh again*

Blogger g-man said...

totally! i gotto submit it 2mo and i still got 15 more bloody exps. stupid record!

Blogger nivi said...

hmmm..... very true! assignments, projects, submissions, dead lines shd be scrapped.... it screws up the lives of poor children like us;P

hey read ur theory of nothingness.. its jus toooooo good man!!!!!

btw i see that i have created a blogroll for urself.. how did u do that?? pl tell me

Anonymous cain said...

oh appo atho kotor 2 il aayirunnu alle....influence gained sambhavam....cad ormayondo???????[:d]

Anonymous g-man said...

totally dude...


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