Saturday, December 01, 2007

chef brian, i salute you...

Yes, it is peanut butter, no?

For millennia, the search has been infested by the ghastly turnips. Peppermint spray causes the implosion of purple stars in water purifiers. Ah, the devil regurgitates the llama onto the barren plains of unmistakability! Why has chaos run rampant on the lycra undergarments of perdition? Blasphemous are the cupcake people on planets alien to monkey poop, and rebellion is their costume. Malignant and evil, the organic mastodons embark on a journey to vilify the snorkels of the pseudo-merpeople in unknown universes. Parallelism is no longer a sane option. That is fact, insofar as the bullet penetrates the pulpy innards of video game consoles.

Evil colludes with microwaves in a desperate effort to snatch control of our grey matter. The last pocket of resistance lies in acorn fragments; also in detritus that remains after the nuclear explosion in Papua New Guinea. Strange are the ways of the force…the dark side has corrupted the spleens of raucous armadillos. Doomsday is nigh! Beware all ye mortals. Salvation lies in mutant egg-plants. Thus read the chronicles. Answer the ultimate question – what is behind door number 7? The Spartan army flees this wave of subliminal terror waves, modulated to hypersonic frequencies. Look to the kitchen, before it is too late. He will have the answer.

May the sign of the W, A, S and D lead you true…


Blogger dEstini said...

bless me. I'm the ignorant fool. I believe me being so has got everything to do with not understanding a syllable of what you've written. [:d]

Blogger g-man said...

oh ye of little faith!

Blogger monsooner said...

My mind is imploding from multifarious Imaginary of Every Kind!

Blogger g-man said...


Blogger Crimson Feet said...

Brilliant! ... peanut butter it is!
so obvious on hindsight...why didn't I think of it!?!

If only the little girl would kick the white dwarfs away so that the cook dropping like a thunderbolt into the event horizon of the mixer grinder can watch for one last time that his sandwich did lack the peanut butter!
She said, "We don't use mixer grinders to make sandwiches!"
and he replied, "Precisely the point!".

(You are free to not shoot me! ;) )

Blogger g-man said...

crimson feet: amazing! i have never felt so understood before :D i can't shoot you...i was talking to my gun the other day and it just melted :(

heil chef brian!

Blogger Crimson Feet said...

Hail Chef Brian!


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