Monday, June 25, 2007

weird! i losing it? fuck that, i guess its a hundred percent rhetorical :P its just that i've been having all sorts of weird dreams lately. i don't remember much of em - well doi! i was asleep when they *happened* wasn't i? o0o come to think of it, was i asleep then? ah screw that thought, i'm just confusing myself - again! so where were we? o yea, my dreams! :D well the question up there - though rhetorical - is quite valid i might add. you do get to thinking you might be losing your mind when you dream up stuff like this. i guess i'll elaborate.

there i was, standing in my favourite corner of one of the grounds at loyola, talking to one of my really good friends - i don't remember who, exactly, but it was one of my very good friends. i remember wondering if the little green men had invaded. everything seemed to be greener than usual. so i was walkin along and talking to mr. x and wondering where the hell the indoor stadium had gone off to. i hear a hissing sound and a king cobra - yup, a king cobra, don't ask me how i know, i just do! (HEY, its MY dream!) - is coiled up around a tree and it lunges for me. my reflexes - akin to greased lightning i might add - go into overdrive and i fend off the snake with a giant dinner plate that i apparently had in my hand and didn't even know. that's the only part i remember. o yea, it also chased me around and there were loadsa ppl around who were staring and saying 'king cobra...yikes!' and i was wondering 'why the fuck aren't you nitwits doing anything?!?'

funny how bad stuff doesn't seem to happen to anyone else in your dreams eh? ah, whatever! that last one occurred in the wee hours of today morning. there was another one yesterday. see what i meant by that question now? ok now, lets' get to it then...yesterday...

don't remember this one too clearly. i was with a not-that-close friend of mine on the umpteenth floor of an apartment complex. and there was this really fat dude who was supposed to me my imaginary senior at an imaginary college. suddenly he starts waving and brandishing a pistol and threatening the two of us and falls right through the balcony floor in the middle of his evil laugh. obviously, he dies! my not-so-close friend and i are then accused of murder. the next thing i know, its the morning of the trial and i'm at a book store getting something to read because it might be a long and boring trial. my dad leaves his mobile on the windowsill and i go get it for him. then i wake up...o yea, all this happens in chennai. don't ask me how i know that either...

seriously, weird eh? ah well, dinner time here. my infrequent posts seem to get interrupted by food. o well, the best way to get interrupted i reckon...mebbe i'll get to post about being eaten alive by rabid 3-door refrigerators. i hope they have loadsa ice cream in em. ciao!

p.s. i love exclamation marks!!!


Blogger MePhistO` said...

hehe..kolllalo g man!!!!
ice cream enichum venam....[:d]

Blogger g-man said...

ice cream?!? evide????????

Blogger deeps said...

u arent losing it ..dreams r wierd nd trust me ive had wierder not the rite place to elaborate i guess..
great read tho.. had total fun..nd yea in my dreams too elephants always chase idea y...they dont seem to harm others:D...BT I LOVE ELEPHANTS...BLAH..IM JUST TYPING RANDOM CRAP...ILL JUST SHUT UP!

Blogger g-man said...

lols i c wat ya mean. its a feeling of 'wat would happen if i blogged about every weird dream i ever had?' n elephants are cool!!! esp d ones wit polka dotted tusks. *drool!* so wat IS d rite place to elaborate? i wanna hear about this!!! :D not that often that i run into ppl who seem to have a level of weirdness that i have so painstakingly attained by being myself :P :)

Blogger akhil said...

no dreambooks around here?? :D
snakes in dreams ... on the lines of freud aalochicha ...
aa ariyilla :D

and, rabid 3-door refrigerators? :D

"subru, evane nammade muthala kunjungalku ittu koduthaalo?" :->

Blogger g-man said...

pedipikkan nokkunno? pinne aara subru? and freud will probably confirm that i'm nuts :D

Blogger Reflections said...

LOL Interesting:-). But I can emphatize. I used to have these recurring dreams(???) of a lion which escaped from the circus & entered my house & lies down in the hallway. He wont harm me but will watch every move i make. Yikes, it used to scare the heck out of me. And i wd wonder "why isnt he attacking"
Does this particular snake dream recur?

Blogger g-man said...

nancy: nope, i don't have any recurring dreams. not any i can remember that is...n lions are too lazy, so don't worry :D its the lionesses you'll have a problem with


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