Saturday, June 09, 2007

the music tag!

o0o shil tagged me wit this un...dratted winamp! i guess i'll use foobar for this. winamp resets itself every time i try to enqueue anywhere near 60% of the songs i got over here. shil seems to think that i'm going to come up with the best answers. seeing as how i got the entire freakin collection by dimmu borgir on here, lets just see where this goes, shall we? :D

and now i start to enqueue :| there we go! wonder why winamp can't take this, it ain't even that much.

1. so what do ppl think of me?

fort minor - the battle
These hungry rappers battle for a buck and some change
There really be kids starving
Give a fuck if it change
Shock rap
Not that
You get signed you might blow up

o0o me likey!!!

2. what should my attitude be?

mel c - never be the same again
I thought that we would just be friends
Things will never be the same again
It's just the beginning it's not the end
Things will never be the same again
It's not a secret anymore
Now we've opened up the door
Starting tonight and from now on
We'll never, never be the same again

how the fuck did that song get on here?!?

3. wat am i thinking of right now?

foo fighters – breakout
The more and more I take
I break right through
Therapy still scares me
Putting me on my back again.
I may be crazy, little frayed around the ends
One of these days I'll phase you out
Burn it in the blast off watching me crawl away
Try to get out

heh, good un! a bit out of context, unfortunately. But that's kinda an oxymoron here eh? :D

4. is richard simmons gay? (rhetorical, i know, but still :P)

yanni - the flame within

um, i take that as a yes...

5. what are my chances of getting on the tonight show someday?

bryan adams - don't let go

just d answer i was looking for...

6. do aliens suffer from constipation?

third day - take my life
How many times have I turned away
The number is the same as the sand on the shore
But every time You've taken me back
And now I pray You do it once more

hmmm, interesting...

7. wat's my song?

bryan adams - straight from the heart

i think i got this song on here just for the lyrics...nice...

8. when am i gonna get my first grammy award?

eminem - lose yourself

aw crap! hmm, i'm supposed to be a metal-head...strange so far eh?

9. wat is it wit pirates and eyepatches?

metallica - i disappear

o0o that's good! foobar likes me :)

10. will my plan to take over the world succeed?

black label society - speedball

dang, this thing ain't givin me any proper answers...guess the jury's still out on that one. sigh!

11. whatever happened to the pink flying hippo?

metallica - return of the vampire


12. what's in my head during lectures?

foo fighters - up in arms

bang on!

13. wats my life gonna be like?

metallica - jump in the fire
Down in the depth of my firey home
the summons bell will chime
Tempting you and all the earth
To join our sinful kind
There is a job to be done and I'm the one
You people make me do it
Now it is time for your fate and I won't
To pull you down into this pit

great! just what i needed...

14. am i really from this planet?

aerosmith - kiss your past goodbye


15. wat's 'the meaning of life'?

godsmack - sick of life
Nothings getting through to me.
Hypnotized from all my surroundings.
I wanna be something I could never be.
I wanna say things that I could never say.
Yeah, I'm gonna do it again! I'm gonna do it agin! I'm gonna do it again

cool song, cool answer :D

16. wat do i wanna know most at this point?

staind - paper jesus
Question what they tell you
All the lies that they are teaching,
And they've made a corporation
Out of desperate people's feelings...
of fear

hm, guess this is a re-affirmation of wat i think

well, that's it i guess...too hungry to think of any more questions right now...hope ya like it shil! i'm outta here


Blogger lookwhosback said...

heh....i told you soo...i am quite a nostradamus eh....

Blogger g-man said...

o0o ya really think so?!?

Blogger deeps said...

aah had fun doing dat.....

" do aliens suffer from constipation?"

And now I pray You do it once more!!
heheh ur rite intresting..:D

11. whatever happened to the pink flying hippo?
metallica - return of the vampire

lol...fits well....(tht kinda rhymes)

neways kool answers:)

Blogger akhil said...

It's amazing how you come up with such answers ...
Was fun, through and through!

Blogger g-man said...

thanks macha, n i didn't come up wit d answers, foobar did!!! :D

Blogger akhil said...

@ g-man

yeah, right :-j

Blogger g-man said...

ya don't believe me?!? *shocked look* honest da macha...if i had it my way most of the answers would've had expletives in em :D


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