Friday, May 30, 2008

a tag!!!

ok, i've been tagged by solitaire. been a while since i was actually tagged (the one i lifted off philip's blog was, well, lifted :)) i don't think i'll be tagging anyone, so whoever is reading, feel free to do this one :)

reading: 'kafka on the shore' by haruki murakami. bloody amazing, even though i'm just over halfway through. and also a lot of blogs i've bookmarked :) have a few books with me that i have to read though...

finished reading: 'dawn of empire' by sam barone. it was pretty nice.

listening: metallica, obviously! along with 9.3 gb of other stuff on my hard drive which i've randomised on my player.

wearing: having hols, and am at home. i'm wearing the first thing i could get my hands on just before i went to take a bath. *looks down* oh fuck, i think i'm losing it. wearing pale green shorts and a skin-brown tee :|

watching: the usual...some good movies, porno, n any channel i think has something interesting on in the 0.375 seconds it takes for me to switch from one channel to the next.

thinking: why am i so fucking depressed most of the time?!?

loving: the fact that i'm alone here, at least for the moment...

hating: that i'm stuck here for at least another year...

missing: the feeling you get when you completely trust someone and they do the same to you, when you come first to them, and they come first to you...a time when i didn't have to cover myself with a veneer of humor and sarcasm.

hoping: for anything that gets me somewhere near happy, which just doesn't happen nowadays.

craving: ice cold beer, scotch on the rocks, chicken tikka, ice cream with lots of nuts and chocolate chips.


Blogger Nirmal's Blog said...

hahah gman u still watch pornos lol....

and beer..hmmm even i want it....
y u alone????...

njoy buddy..take ur bike and move out....ohh i forgot u just met with an

Blogger g-man said...

oh the occasional video or two...

dude i prefer being alone. i'm still a college student and i live with my parents. i can't wait to get out of here!

n i'm fine now :P even played basketball yesterday

Blogger Keshi said...

aww nice one G-man.

**thinking: why am i so fucking depressed most of the time?!?

mebbe cos I was not regular in blogville these days? :)

jokes apart, I think ur pretty normal. Its the same with me ya know. I get so easily bored with things. I find life soo dull sometimes. Its so predictable and that bores me to death (pun). :) o well, u can always find things to shift ur a nice Metallica or Nirvana CD?



Blogger Keshi said...

btw u watch porn? boys will never change ha. LOL!

my cuz had a porn collection in his garage which I found while looking for something else, and he had to cop the flak from me like hell :)


Blogger g-man said...

keshi: yea blog more often! i've got the complete discography of both metallica and nirvana on my playlist >:)

n i watch porn when i get too bloody bored to take it. not much of a point though, i only watch it because its supposed to be a guy thing. most of the time i'm left wondering what the hell guys see in something like that :| weird huh?

Blogger Philip said...

"most of the time i'm left wondering what the hell guys see in something like that" ....grr...BLASPHEMY.

I'll take this up some time. One good turn deserves another.

Blogger g-man said...

well, honestly! it isn't my fault!!! i'd rather watch a movie starring salma hayek or kate beckinsale than watch porn :|

Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha.. well hope u find some way to get happier.. say how abt going to see indi.. heard it was released today.. and basketball sounds nice.. crap heavy rains on the cards.. i hope it wont get bad..

Blogger g-man said...

lol i do too...i haven't seen any of the indiana jones movies man. so i'll probably be at sea during the entire show. just walked back home, in the rain, from overbridge. got a shirt for dad, and couldn't get an auto. nobody had a change for a fucking 100. but i like walking in the rain. wonder why i'm complaining

Blogger P said...

Hey, don't know why you are so sad, but cheer up. Go and get some of the things you are craving for :)

Blogger g-man said...

hey, thanks for dropping by. there is but one small obstacle in my ma! o yea, and its raining like hell, so she won't let me out even if she did allow me to get the stuff that i crave :)

Blogger ceedy said...

nice to know smg about you...

i guess you should pick up the real Franz Kafka...books next...

Blogger Solitaire said...

Hai la! Porn? And Nirmal asks you about Porn? I thought he was a proponent of porn!

Anyway, you had to mention nuts na?

And regarding your depression, go find a nice shrink like me. Everything will be fine! I swear!

Blogger g-man said...

ceedy: thanks...and yea, i really wanna read kafka now. hopefully they'll have some of his works at the local library. or i'm screwed :( i had to read the prophet on this thing because the library didn't have it

sol: and what's wrong with porn? we do need to know what to do rite? n
yea i do need a shrink really bad. i'm wondering how i'm going to explain this to my ma though. we're a family of tamil brahmins (though i've lived in trivandrum since i was 3 years old) and if i go tell her i wanna go to a shrink, she'll need to go to one because she'll ask me a billion questions and if i answer truthfully, well, she'll flip. so i'm kinda in a quandary here :|

Blogger Ria said...

hmm.....liked the way u hav put the whole tag thing! well written...and man u read so much! :)

Blogger crazyBugga said...

readin at such an age? u a lit student or wat? [:)]

Anonymous Anonymous said...

gman does not wanna share his porn with me....oh i meant his porn collection...not "his" porn

Blogger Keshi said...

** i only watch it because its supposed to be a guy thing. most of the time i'm left wondering what the hell guys see in something like that


Ur like me there too. Cos I dun find anything so great abt porn even tho I've only seen it once. :)


Blogger g-man said...

ria: yep, i read a lot :) i have been doing that ever since i remember.

crazybugga: naw dude, engineering student :D

samby: lol come over here and i'll give it to ya. one of the disadvantages of having unlimited downloads is that your friends who don't have internet will ask you to download copious amounts of porn for them. that is my exact situation here :)

keshi: i guess it kinda depends on your mood. sometimes its pretty ok to watch. otherwise its just plain boring :| i can't believe i'm a guy and i'm still saying this

Blogger Pri said...

ahh well executed...
interesting tag...maybe il'l take this up once im back :)


Blogger g-man said...

pri: thanks for dropping by, and for the comment. have fun!!!

Blogger Solitaire said...

@ G-Man,

Just a bit shocked that you talking about porn on a blog! Aaj kal ke bacche..tauba tauba!

Mom ko kyon batana shrink ke paas jaana hai?

Chale jao khud se!
I really admire your honesty and courage to admit that you want to see a shrink coming from a culture that still views that as taboo. Way to go!

Blogger rantravereflect said...

heeeeeeeeeeeeeee :) yeahhh why dun we have teh humor contest maaaaan..
i betcha ya will win!
(n yeh since tat was a humor contest, ya know the above statement's a joke ryte ;))

engineering n livin wyd ya parents- haaaaa i know how sucky n depressing that can get at times ;);)

sooo unlimited internet n gettyn truckloads of porn for themmmm.. haaaaaaaaa, so ya always carry an external hard drive.. then ya dun need cd's ryte.. porn's not a biggg thing, n i think it's a big time guy's thing- but the first time i watched it, heeeee, we were ten girls and we quite enjoyed it ;)as i said women jus dun liek to talk abt it ;);)

as far as books go, i loveeeeeeeeee reading, but no time lately:( but i'll try gettin a hand on this book..

sooo ya mean ya were stark naked befor ya got ya hand onto the first thing ya could get your hands on before you went to take a bath ;);) men neva change!!!

a time when ya didnt have to hide under humor n sarcasm- yehhh man , even i wish 4 tat- uncluttered , n normal!! but we like the spotlight, so we run under-the-humor-undercover neways ;)

food n drink- for me it's vodka with cranberry or three local botttles of golconda(n tat doesn't make me a sissy;)) n chicken tikka n ice cream with 'dates', figs, honey n nuts ;)

Blogger g-man said...

solitaire: gah, i have this habit of being honest. aur main bachcha nahin hoon! 20 year olds aren't classified as kids you know. aur mom ko batana hai kyoonki cash chahiye na jaane ke liye?

honesty and courage? naw, i think its just plain logic. its stupid to not go just because of what some morons put down as our 'culture'

Blogger g-man said...

rantravereflect: sure, just let me know the time and the place n i'll be there with my worst jokes

i know girls who've watched porn. but yea, most of them don't admit it. or prolly they don't watch. i've never asked. been asked quite a few times tho.

i used to like i just drink it when there's beer to mix it with :)

thanks for dropping by

Blogger Nirmal's Blog said...


******And Nirmal asks you about Porn? I thought he was a proponent of porn!*****

wat u thought i m a pornstar....


Blogger Nayantara said...

Hey! I loved Haruki Murakami too! I've only read A Wild Sheep Chase though! Will try to get hold of Kafka on the Shore! :)
Ditto with the hoping part!
And yes, Kate Beckinsale is hot. In a non-lesbian way, of course. =/

Blogger g-man said...

nirmal: lol you have any objection?!? there are fringe benefits to being one ya know :P

nayantara: rofl! yea kate beckinsale its hot. its axiomatic. i gotto get more books by good old hary myself.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Beach Bum said...

Sorry I'm late on this one, Friday really sucked. Looked up Sam Barone books on Amazon and they looked good. If my masters, my wife and kids, leave me alone for a few minutes today I'll run down to the bookstore and pick one up. I need a good beach book for vacation starting next Saturday. Yeah, hoping I can at least get close to happy myself at some point.

Blogger comfortably numb said...

interesting tag...though am still grappling with this concept on a whole...:D

Blogger g-man said...

beach: absolutely no issues. hope you're having better days now. sam barone is pretty ok. the book gets over before you know it though :( tried ayn rand?

numb: yea, pretty interesting i'd say. grappling with what concept exactly?

Blogger comfortably numb said...

concept of tagging!!!

Blogger g-man said...

oh...that...well, do this one then :)

Blogger comfortably numb said...

i'll try...just finished a post an hour back
so will thnk abt it....
btw...u cud chck my post if u wish to

Blogger g-man said...

lol i'm reading your new one now!

Blogger Nancy said...

"thinking: why am i so fucking depressed most of the time?!?

loving: the fact that i'm alone here, at least for the moment..."

paradoxical rnt't u?

u love to be alone & then u complain of being depressed:-P

Blogger The Smokin' WDM2 said...

missing: the feeling you get when you completely trust someone and they do the same to you, when you come first to them, and they come first to you...a time when i didn't have to cover myself with a veneer of humor and sarcasm.

My word.. after reading your blog and all that I have had to think hard to 'see' that person in you :) (You look okay in real life, though!)

Blogger Solitaire said...

@ Nirmal,

Proponent=advocate..not a star!!

@ G-man,

Hey..I put your question up on Short and Sweet. Please do feel free to come and respond to everyone's comments. :) See you soon!

Blogger Beauty and the BEast said...

I think I crave for ice cold (vodka with a twist of lime) most of the times, so perfectly identify with you there...

And I am sorry, but I burst out laughing at your description of what you are/were wearing:P

Blogger Satanic Angel said...

**ice cold beer, scotch on the rocks, chicken tikka, ice cream with lots of nuts and chocolate chips.
MAN!! that's exactly wot i want right now!

Blogger g-man said...

nancy: paradoxical? in what way? i've always preferred to be physically alone. that has nothing to do with depression

sriram: think hard? i've always been that person man...and i look ok in real life? really?

Blogger g-man said...

solitaire: question? what question?!? lemme check!

Blogger g-man said...

beauty and the beast: i prefer vodka and beer...lime is ok too, but nothing beats beer. burst out laughing eh? i guess that was pretty much the point

satanic angel: ^5

thank you both for dropping by

Blogger Taarika said...

haha! uve been tagged agen!!!!! :D go to my blog

Blogger Solitaire said...

Come!!People are waiting!

Blogger g-man said...

solitaire: hey, i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry...

taarika: i'm on it...

Blogger Nancy said...

Have blogrolled u.

Blogger g-man said...

nancy: tyvm! right back at ya :D

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