Sunday, May 11, 2008


foreword: you won't understand a fucking thing until you read the blog i've linked to on this post. the post immediately below the ".gif" of the dancing guy i mean

shit, i've got internals starting tomorrow, and here i've been busy, well, not studying to say the least. so what's new eh? well, it all started on sunday, september 16, 2007. that's when the bastard decided to post something on his blog. he hasn't updated it since then, but i don't think that matters any more. i remember the very first time i read it. it seemed so typically, well, him!!! had a really good time reading it. the guy's damn funny. well, then it fucking hit me...right on the eve of my exams. right now its a subconscious examination-eve ritual - that's right, people, every fucking exam i have, even those fucking class tests some of the teachers who think we're primary school kids set for us - and its fucking driving me crazy!!!!!!!! last time, i messaged him saying i couldn't fucking concentrate because of his stupid post. the reply i got was 'thanks macha. that's the greatest inspiration a blogger can get' i ain't fucking telling him any more. wouldn't wanna accidentally inspire him again, would i? for all i know it could be something much worse that affected me at a much more inappropriate time. i shudder just thinking of it. shit, what am i supposed to do now?!?


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Blogger Keshi said...

haha good one indeedz!

So where is he now?


Blogger g-man said...

lol he's in medical school...working on a cadaver shortage i think :D

Blogger Keshi said...




Blogger The Smokin' WDM2 said...

hehe awesome... both!

Blogger The Smokin' WDM2 said...

btw i seem to have heard that name saran soman... is he an ex loyolite or something?(dont laugh now)

Blogger g-man said...

yea saran is an ex'll prolly know him if you see him

Blogger c.H.a.O.s FrEaK said...



Blogger The Smokin' WDM2 said...

ha.. thought so.. our ppl's blogs do seem to stand out, dont they ;)

Blogger g-man said...

@ sharan: er...wat? i'm talkin about saran soman dude :D

@ sriram: yup, some of them sure do :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"He who takes the sword will die by the sword.(probably somebody else's)"


Blogger g-man said...

sword? where? how? when?

fuck, it was a metaphor!!!

Blogger KeyzEr SoZe said...

dude! i did a google search in my name [i do tat on jobless evenings] and guess wer i landed! [:o]

omg! danq

i guess my blog has lost it cos i dont see yur comments naymore! :)

thanx macha this the biggest inspiration a blogger can get!


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