Monday, January 29, 2007


Motherfucker wants me dead…so does that bitch. Out of hand, I’ll show them out of hand – bastards! Who knows what he gets into over there, with that fuckin sheet nailed to his wall? Nail, yes, nail, nail it right through his fuckin noggin, thump thump thump, nail it with his eyes open…rip off the bandage, no anesthesia, rip off his fuckin scalp and listen to him scream and moan and whine and plead. You’d like that wouldn’t you? No? It’s the hammer isn’t it? No, I thought as much, you’d rather go whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, right between the eyes, twinkly twinkly eyes. Then its time to put the lights out – good night little guy, burn in hell…sleep tight, don’t scream. No, we don’t want that, do we? Screams hurt our little ears. Uh uh we gotto do something about that. What? Are you sure? Hm, yea, I see it now, whoosh and its no scream, yes? There’s the pretty fountain, o yes, we want the pretty fountain. We’re going to get sprayed though, just like in those detective programs. Maybe we’ll even get to be on one. But he needs to scream once, how will she know otherwise? Scream, then its whoosh! There we go, you’re so clever. Watching them watch each other and claw and writhe will be so much fun. Gotto leave the twinkle till then, and then put it out, one for him and one for her and another one for him and another one for her and then its lights out, time to die, die in the red, red, redness. Tomorrow? Why not now? Sleeping? Asswipes…I suppose you could make it up. O I wanna hear you go whoosh. Let’s hear you then, right now. Cold, you’re so cold I’d’ve thought you were dead. Closer, yes, come closer, that’s it. Closer to my ear, yes, let’s hear it. ‘Click’ NO!


Blogger itzme said...

Maan i'm confused!!!@-)..seriously terribly confused!!!

Blogger megha said...

until nw i ws absolutely sure tht i ws confused.. nw im glad tht im not de only one :D

Blogger akhil said...

greatly imaginative!
every word kept me within the plot ;)

Blogger deeps said...

exactly!!!.....i was thinking the same....

Blogger nivi said...


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