Tuesday, August 22, 2006

bleeeeee....ad infinitum...eeeeeep


why doncha just bleepin look up the word bleep eh?!? ;)


yea, THAT was the prologue...


ok this is not supposed to make sense. this does not have a point. if you're lookin for one, here's a hint - or a coupla dozen - split, amscray, vamoose, gitouttahea, exit: stage left (ah i'm gettin tired o this). o0ok so where was i? nowhere i guess...now let me start. ahem! after a long, hard, tortuous, exhausting, ultra-boring, nonsensical, fucked up - et. al - day, i got home and turned on my computer. expectation, numbness, anticipation, thirst, were some of the feelings that flooded through my um...eerily vacant cranium? yea that's it! (i digested my brain, by the way) there it was, i opened my gmail account - after drinkin some appy fizz, so i was technically no longer thirsty, i'm just stating this for the record :P.


'bleeeeep! this can't be bleeping right!!! bleeping hell, what the bleeping bleep do these bleeping bleeps of bleeps think they're bleeping upto? why the bleeping hell does this have to bleeping happen to me? my poor poor bleeping inbox. oh, bleep! bleep you! bleep me! bleep the world! bleep bleep bleep bleepity bleep!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah (bleep!) i want my bleeping bleep...'

ah, that felt so good. i exaggerated a little bit, of course, but i need to let it all out, don't i? yea, you understand, nice...ok so here is what BASICALLY happened. i checked my mail and was feelin quite happy when the 'spam' folder came into view. the number next to it read 39. i clean up my spam everyday. i opened it, and it was the usual. viagra, vixagra, and almost each and every single pill related to erectile dysfunction and/or libido enhancement (or 'not having a good erecxsction' as those bleeping bleeps of bleeps prefer to bleeping put it). after the day that i had just had, this wasn't very amusing, as you can very well figure out. what's that? you don't understand? want me to flood YOUR inbox with these messages? BLEEP!!! was chatting and scrapping a few ppls later. i checked my inbox again and lo! and bleeping behold! 3 new spam messages...

let's hypothesize now...if i had actually bought and consumed that much whatever-you-may-call-it, i would probably have populated a few billion galaxies and my libido would have drawn every living being in existence closer to me and the universe boundary would probably look like my face. o0o now there's a scary thought. it'd prolly have imploded then and there :D

heh heh, all joking and hypotheses aside, its really really really irritating innit? ppl are eVil! darn, who am i to complain about that? so am i...oh bleep! why can't they bleeping send me ads about computer games or even bleeping toilet seats. but not bleeping this...anything but bleeping this...i'm feelin so bored, and evil, and my spam folder is empty for the first time in aeons. i think i'll start forwarding the messages i do get from now on >:)



oh bleep! another one!!! bleep bleep bleep bleep bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!


Blogger destini said...

hmm err Mr Libido ...about the population prob ..u might be wanted in new guinea..lol

Blogger Fantasia said...

blink blink blink


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