Friday, August 18, 2006


damn, something's happening...arg! i'm losing touch with my wacky side. i'm gettin more and more pensive. the best i've been able to come up with was my orkut profile. waaaaaaaah! i want my stuffed rabid clown!!! sniff, this is so freakin unbearable. ok, breathe in, breathe out. that's it buddy. whoosh, hsooow! ah, that feels a whole lot better. its weird. suddenly you have all sortsa creatures in abundance inside your head. purple elephants with forked tongues and whole species and genera and classes and phylums and what not. one day you seek inspiration from the story of blinky the sloth who was too lazy to do anything but - yea, you guessed it right - blink; he enrolled himself in therapy and is now a counsellor for ppl who can't blink properly. what a success story eh? - and the next day, you don't.

no, on a more serious note, i happened to come across a couple of my old english papers somewhere in my room, and the stuff on there was so hilariously funny. i couldn't imagine me writing any of that. damn, what is happening to me? what is doing this to me? i've always been a critic of ppl who can't see the light side of anything. have i transmuted into something so far apart from myself? i don't wanna change that, it was one thing that let me have a hold on sanity as i saw it. maybe its just a phase, maybe its just a mood swing. ah, i sure hope it is because i don't think i could stand myself if the worst had(/s) actually happened. hope is there i guess, hope is always there. hopefully you'll see something relieving soon...hopefully...


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