Sunday, August 20, 2006


heh heh, i think i wanna remember this one. its a lil message session i had with a buddy on me mob late last night. it being a weekend and both of us being bored, well, you kin i all started with a message that read

"hi, where are u now?
-so many blank lines that the scroll bar was barely distinguishable as a dot-
if you replied to this message, you're a FOOL. send it to your friends and see how many of them reply...its fun, try it!!! (or something of that sort...i kinda guessed when i saw the scroll bar *grin!* its such an old trick na?)"

ok its kinda hard to go on without a name. since obscenely short codewords seem to be the norm, lets use a not-so-obscenely-short name. hm, on second thought, not-so-short will do >:D let's call him/her/it (muahahaha i'm lovin this. i hope he - damn! - doesn't read this tho :P) plum-pudding-face bananahead jelly-arse. i was just kidding about makin it short so lets just call him/her/it pbj (o0o i'm lovin this even more, i dunno why...i'm weird! - NO slang)

me: home...u?
-the usual amount of spaces *grin!*-
get a life, dude. who the hell do you think i am to fall for THIS?!? sheez!

pbj: FOOL!

me: you're mistaken, bro...scroll down and read MY message now *grin!*

pbj: -after a delay- yea i was replyin to your question down asked who the hell i thought you were right (me think: clever i gotto admit)

me: heh heh i didn't even scroll down to the bottom of your message and you SO obviously did. who's the fool now?

pbj: -no reply- (me think: heh heh! lets bug him a bit *evil grin!*)

me: i'm insane dude, but i'm no fool

pbj: o yea, sorry

me: no probs bro...

pbj: you thought i actually let you win?!? fat chance. gotohell

me: nah, i was waiting to see what took you so long to reply *grin!*

pbj: don't you have anything to do?

me: not really...don't you?

pbj: i have to go find something to do. this is gonna drive me mad

me: yea my lil problem is contagious heh heh

me: hey, i've got an idea...why not chase cars on the highway? i do that all the time, though i wear my rabid clown suit. its fun, give it a shot...

pbj: please feed me poison...i wanna die...a couple more of messages like that last one would do as well

me: naw, i don't let ppl die that easily. i like extremely slow, painful, horrific and tortuous deaths...

pbj: *pic showing a kid at his wits' end*

me: *tongue out animation*

me: aw man, and i was just gettin started...o well, bug ya l8r then...good night dude.

pbj: (just as i was about to send that last message) please, leave me alone...

me: ah, then why didn't you just say that in the first place? i would have done that then and there...moron!

needless to say there was no reply. i felt so nice yesterday night. got a good night's sleep until i was woken up by a bloody power failure in the morning. damn that was a good series of messages, dontcha think? ya think i should initiate the next chain? >:) mwahahaha i'm evil, i know...


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