Thursday, May 01, 2008


Firstly, pun intended. Its supposed to be p(h)unny even! Today was May day…we didn’t have college, and we didn’t have to do our stupid project thingy (which has been eating at my neurons more than ever of late) so I was looking forward to a nice peaceful day. So the call from Sri-Sri was more than welcome, when I got it :) Actually, he just gave me a missed call and I called him back, but who cares about that now. Well, the conversation went like this

Sri: Dude, you wanna maybe get together today?

Me: Oh, sure, who else is gonna be there?

Sri: Call up V and J too; they’ll be there for sure…

Me: Fine, I’ll call them up.

Sri: We’ll go in the afternoon, so call me up sometime then.

Me: Ok, will do!

I was looking forward to it. Afternoon came, and I called him up.

Sri: You called them up dude?

Me: O shit, I’ll do it now. Hold on!

Tried J, he wasn’t answering. I didn’t bother calling V up, because he’s currently out of action with a slipped disc in his back. So, I called up Sri again

Me: Man, J isn’t picking up. I think he’s asleep. I’m outta cash anyhow, so we’ll shift it to next week? I’ll get my allowance then :)

Sri: No probs, I have cash. The two of us will go?

Me: Wow, ok, sure, where do we go?

Sri: *says the name of some bar I’ve never even heard of*

Me: wtf?

Sri: Just wait near the old Coffee Beanz place and I’ll come pick you up.

Me: Sure, when?

Sri: NOW!

So I tell dad I’m going to meet Sri, and jog all the way to the extraction point ;) Let me brag a bit here, I jogged a mile in 7 minutes. He got there around a minute after I did.

Sri: @#$* place is closed today man…

Me: Crap, where do we go then?

Sri: I don’t know, this is your neighborhood, you tell me!

Me: How about that place we went to the other day?

Sri: Sure, we’ll check it out…

We went there (checked out the Beverages Corp. building on the way, but it was closed too) to be greeted by the shutters. Sri tried yelling for someone, but there was no response. Swearing at bars that closed on May 1 and didn’t have open back doors, we went over to a juice shop next to it and got ourselves a couple of pink lemonades. Sri dropped me off a lil bit away from where I live.

And so, irritated and un-inebriated, I walked in and got on here. I decided to do a little bit of research on May Day and grandly oppose it with an extended philippic. As it turns out, May Day celebrates the achievements of the labor movement, which was initiated to better the condition of workers. It’s hard to be against something like that. So I think I’ll just go ‘Whee, I learned something today!’ Maybe we should plan more bar trips, especially on holidays. I might end up being a genius or something :)


Blogger The Smokin' WDM2 said...

wheee! I'm fasht. Well I didnt even do half as much as u guys did.. slept through the whole day :)

Blogger cain l337pwn3r said...

oh bar avadhiyaanelenda oru nalu marl eduthu kathicha pore........."\m/........ im okayyyyyyyyyy ......\m/"....aai kollum[:d][:p]

Blogger g-man said...

sriram: lol, good for you...we kinda do that @ college, so there's no lack of sleep anytime

cain: oru paavathine ingane vazhi thettikkenda. che, abhishtu!

Blogger Karthik said...

And to top it all, today is Hartal. So home shanti home..brrr

Blogger g-man said...

bright lil rays of sunshine some people are :|

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Blogger g-man said...

wat the fuck are you hmmm-ing about?


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