Sunday, April 20, 2008

8 random facts

i am still working on, well, stuff, part 2. it looks like its going to be indefinitely delayed owing to the fact that i am currently way too busy doing my bloody mini project (read as getting high a lot owing to the frustration of not getting anything we connect on the breadboard). so, in order to rescue philip from "the wrath of the blog daivangal for 7 generations to come", our hero (me!) is feverishly working on forwarding the tag chain. all right, so here are the rules

1. each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. people who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
3. at the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names. don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.
4. if you fail to do this within eight hours, you will not reach third series or attain your most precious goals for at least two more lifetimes.

and here we go...

1. i hate capital letters. i dunno, i just do. hated it when i couldn't avoid them in academics! i still do hate it that i can't avoid them now. stupid ancient mad scientist guys had to be fucking obsessed with caps!!!

2. i have never ever had a crush on anyone (well, except for salma hayek and kate beckinsale...but that's different). honestly, i haven't!!! (p.s. fuck you, i'm not gay!)

3. i have a very low alcohol threshold. i feel kinda tipsy after just 3 beers :(

4. if there was something called a gkq (general knowledge quotient), my score would be somewhere in the vicinity of minus infinity.

5. i'm obsessed with punctuation marks...i use them extravagantly, and unnecessarily, and, as a result, produce irksome, long-winded, sinuous sentences that don't really lead anywhere in particular, like, for example - hmmm...i can't think of anything right about now; no, wait! - maybe this sentence?

6. i'm a perfectionist...which is to say, i get very very irritated with most things because they just aren't anywhere near perfect. even a whole lot of the things i do!

7. i swear a lot...i don't need any particular reason, i just do it. poor bob jumps when i say 'fuck' (which is every pi seconds). i even got him to swear once...unwittingly of course, but he did. wow, i'm evil!

8. i don't mind being alone. physically i mean. as long as i know there's someone i can talk to anytime i want to. i guess that feeling is enough to get me going. funny thing is, most of the time i don't tell anyone. that's a good thing, i think...

ok, there you have it. 8 facts. as random as i could make them. now i've got to tag 8 people (9 to be on the safe side :D). so here we go! i tag thomas, cain, sharan, gow, shil, nivi, hektor , hari and karthik


Blogger cain l337pwn3r said...

u r really wierd ya kno!!!!!1

Blogger g-man said...

obviously...but what about this post made you say this?

Blogger Pointblank said...

nice post!

Blogger g-man said...


Blogger lookwhosback said...

Heh.. I LOVE CAPSLOCK..i have an even lower alcohol threshhold, one peg of rum makes me tipsy..i have had innumerable gkq is positive...i am fond of punctuations as too a perfectionist..i have started swearing a lot but my friends say that it doesnt sound like swearing, that i should be more aggresive, i love being alone....nice tag...will do soon

Blogger g-man said...

lol! one peg of rum? whee, there are people worse off than me :D

Blogger Philip said...

Wow! You've never had a crush? Ever? I have had so many (starting from 2nd standard) that I feel like an old man now. And I feel sorry about you low alcohol threshold - 3 beers is not going to get you anywhere, mate! :D

Blogger g-man said...

yep, never had a crush. i don't think i know wat it feels like! o, n thanks for trying to cheer me up :| i shall be working on improving my capacity. we shall have a drinking contest when i'm outta here, and i shall kick your butt

Blogger Keshi said...

ur only 19...crushes will come by soon :)


Blogger g-man said...

lol, na, i don't think there ARE girls that insane and/or stupid and/or braindead

Blogger Thomas said...

I'm having crushes every month!!

P.S. Typical loyolites just have crushes; they aint supposed to talk their way through the heart of a girl!! Well, there are exceptions as age progresses!

Blogger g-man said...

o well! maybe i will, sometime in the future. i really don't care right about now :) getting to understand myself better is my main objective


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