Tuesday, February 14, 2006

post v-day thoughts

another valentine's day come and gone, 'jus la dat'. feb 14 just happens to be the birthday of one of my very best friends. it started off pretty badly, though. i woke up late, and couldn't wish him. i just knew something was wrong when that happened. college was boring, as usual. people had developed some sort of colour code for their so-called 'status'. i am unfamiliar with the intricacies of it, but i do know that black stood for not interested. well what do you think i wore? not black, exactly; black tinged with green is more like it.

ok so i went to college and it was the same thing. i slept a lot, until there came an announcement 'english essay writing at 11.30'. 'damn, this is gonna make my day' i thought. come 11.25, i got the permission of the teacher and went skipping along to the venue (NO i am NOT gay, it was JUST an EXPRESSION...sheez!). i was all prepared to do my worst, when the topic came our way. sadly, it did not allow any of my more er...lucrative descriptions - totally serious, totally boring, totally jejune, totally INANE topic - but i still managed to be the first person to land on neptune. that was about the only fun i could have in that whole hour of sitting there and trying to brainstorm when people all around me were filling pages and pages with porno and still more porno. then it was lunchtime...

good stuff and bad stuff after the lunch break...i got to cut two sessions of engineering mechanics (i can't stand it, so this, obviously is the good stuff that happened)...walked into the drawing hall for the short story writing contest, and voila - i'm royally screwed. the theme was 'colours'. i think i should reserve my judgement when it comes to the topic, as i'll probably come up with all kinds of exotic descriptions that may not exactly thrill many. the outcome was this - deaf man forgets to wear pants while proposing to girlfriend on valentine's day; she agrees in spite of this and they dance around the whole place and finally into an intersection where 'SPLAT!', a truck gatecrashes their little shindig; they go to heaven and are forever united, all with loads of colourful descriptions - literally - and what not in between. kind of nice, right? actually, i pity the judges, i really do. who knows, they might end up giving me first place owing to the sheer stupidity of my articles OR - this just might be the actual outcome - they could drive their car off the nearest cliff.

on the whole, it was a pretty darn ok day i thought. don't you agree with me? 'e?' hello? 'ello? o?' someone? 'one?' anyone??? 'nyone? one?'


Anonymous Appshank said...

yeah....pretty much damned........
ha...deaf man forgets to wear pant while propsing to gf...hah

Blogger nivi said...

hey.. good one.. its funny though..:-)


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