Wednesday, March 15, 2006

ze day

my, what a day! i think it would be better if i described it in detail. well, stuff happened as usual in the morning. i reached college at around 9.05 and was doing my early morning routine of goin to classes, sayin hi to evy1 i know. while i was at it, i saw someone who was red in the face - and by red i do mean red, not the red as in the red cheeks part or even the red as in a drunk guy's nose, but red as in, well, red, you know, like a, yea that was it. damn its amazing how we forget stuff we learned long ago :) okay so i saw this red guy and was wondering 'what the hell?' when another person passed by, green in the face - by green i do not mean the green that appears when ppl are sick or have just barfed but like a green apple. there we go, i'm getting better at this already. by now i was wondering 'what the bloody hell? the world cup isn't until three months from now is it?' when another person who was not red, not green, but a mixture of so many colours i didn't even bother tryin to find them all. this feels incomplete without another daft analogy so - let me see - he looked like someone had ingested each and every colour tablet in a child's water colour set and coughed it up into his face. yea, now we're talkin. ok, so now i was thinking 'what the bloody freakin hell?' when someone comes up to me, says 'happy holi' and proceeds to rub some paint on my face as well. i must say i did not realise this initially because i'm kind of not used to people i don't remotely know coming up to me and touching my cheek. then it struck me 'holi? but in trivandrum? what the *expletive deleted* hell?'

a few minutes later, everyone, even our classrooms and the corridors were covered in a thin layer of paint. well, i did skip the hour of class that happened in between. but that's no fun, right? ok, so then our sir walks in and says 'all right, everyone who's coloured leave the class and don't come back till you're not coloured'. talk about racist behaviour!!! but i did go to the wash and take a mini-bath. appearing presentable, i went to class where he immediately asked me why my shirt was coloured. but he let me in anyhow. two hours of graphics entailed the incident. then, finally, lunch break hit us in the face - me in the head coz i was kinda laying my head down on the desk and sleepin, as usual. i went out to a hotel and had lunch, all without incident. then i came back and it was the same story all over again, starting with a senior who saw me walk into the block after lunch. he looked at me and said 'how come you aren't coloured?'. at the end of it all, i had green hair with blue and red glitter, a pink mark on my forehead, a red moustache and multicoloured everything else, including tee-shirt. i was so damn multicoloured that people were actually borowing colour from my face in order to colour other people. five minutes before classes were scheduled to start i thought of washing my face and makin meself a bit more presentable. i went to the wash but there was no water there. then i went to an open tap where, along with a bunch of multicoloured people, i was washing my face, and everything multicoloured. that's when we were pelted with buckets of coloured water, and it became all the more colourful - chilly as well.

after this fiasco had taken place and i had cleaned myself best as i could wrung my tee-shirt to the least semblance of dryness, i walked into class. one hour of sitting under the fan left me kind of chilly - well, it actually left me shivering. that led to three of us bunking class for the rest of the day. i reached home - one of the 'bunkers', so to speak, dropped me home (really chilly journey, or did you know that already?). grandma was shocked to see me home so early. hm, come to think of it it could be because i was multicoloured. that's it! that explains all the stares i got as i walked home. and i thought something was terribly wrong. phew, that's a relief. at long last, i took a bath. green coloured water flowed out of my right ear and red coloured water out of my right. well, the white tiles in my bathroom aren't exactly white any more. vibgyor would describe them better i think. my soap as well, for that matter.

after all the fuss was over, i thought over the whole thing. i came to the realisation that its going to be like this for the next three years as well - that's how long i have left in college. i also concluded that i'm going to look this day up next year. finally, what do i have to say about it? next year, its gonna be my revenge...let's just leave it at that.

yours colourfully


Blogger nivi said...

hey really nice one... i wanted to play oli so so so so badly but... very unfortunate that i was not able to play.. you don like holi is it? and what does g-man stand for if i may know....

Blogger g-man said...

lol come over here next be king then. n i dnt have anything against holi. in fact i rather like it, lolz. and g-man doesnt stand for anything. a frnd o mine just called me that out of the blue, then it became a few friends. n i thot it was kinda catchy, so there you have it!

Blogger nivi said...

oh ok... ya.. don invite me like this and all.. i might land up there seriously next year and you might know what to do then... lol... and ya.. the name is nice... g-man sounds good...

Blogger g-man said...

lolz, ya can come over anytime. any frn of swatz is a frnd o mine, so dnt worry...

Blogger nivi said...

yup... will try makin with sometime next year .. thnaks... that was sweet...:-)

Blogger g-man said...

sure, anytime. ummm, and plz dnt thank me. i feel kinda uncomfortable when frnds do that. o ya, ya haf a yahoo id? zen me add ya. hm, wat else? xams begin 2moro na? kik ass mate!!! sigh, me got to go do an assignment. to be submitted tomorrow.

*expletive deleted*!!!

take care, study hard!

Blogger g-man said...

o shit, that last mail looks totally rude to me now that i'm reading it again, with no recollection whatsoever abt writing it. the *expletive deleted* was for my assignment. pardon any inconvenience that i may have caused.

Blogger nivi said...

first of all i also fall into the same slot.. i hate people telling sorry and thanks so can understand it.. so here i take it back..

and one more thing.. it was not rude at all... i think u thought so because i didnt reply back... actually i didnt check out the comments... and ya... two exams over and both were equally horrible... anyways who cares!

and ya.. i don have ur id... mine it u add me..

Blogger swathi said...

hey bro.. dis is a late late late late reply.. but looks like u had a very colourful holi.. good 4 u.. my holi was as colourless as colourless cud get.. was stuck wid books...

very colurfully ( now dat my exams r over i seem to b using this term a little more dan i usually do)

Anonymous reju said...

oOo, wat is this crap abt bein uncomfy wid sorry n thanx , u cannot help but say sorry n thanx wen u r around me!!!


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