Wednesday, March 15, 2006

bring home the bookworm

ummm, this is in response to a tag i've been given. dunno how this thing's sposed to work, so pardon me if i make a mistake, lolz. k gotta say something first...always been into books. by 'into' i mean hugely tremendously into them. 'avid reader' is the least thing you could say.

my total no of books (ones i actually own) is very few. me luv borrowin stuff from da lib which may/may not be a friend. evything else i got as e-books :)

last book i bought was 'boy's life' by robert r mccammon. absolutely awesome book.

last book i read was 'i moved your cheese' (again)

currently reading 'wizard's first rule' by tracy goodkind (pretty darn good so far)

5 books that mean a lot to me

1. the fountainhead (ayn rand) - need i even say anything?

2. the lord of the rings (jrr tolkien) - hubba hubba hubba

3. the talisman (stephen king and peter straub) - i'm fed up of hearing ppl say stephen king is yet another horror writer. i think this is gonna silence them if they would ever read it that is.

4. to kill a mockingbird (harper lee) - simply extraordinary

5. one hundred years of solitude (gabriel garcia marquez) - like i said, this is gonna change your opinion abt fiction as a whole

other books
the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy (douglas adams)
atlas shrugged (ayn rand)
airport (arthur hailey)
the day of the jackal (frederick forsyth)
black house (stephen king and peter straub)
the dark tower series (stephen king)
carrie (stephen king)
in the night room (peter straub)
dragonlance (margaret weis and tracy hickman)
the wheel of time (robert jordan)
bertrand russel!!!
the godfather (mario puzo)
afterwards (jaishree mishra)
the namesake (jhumpa lahiri)
any damn thing by david eddings (except stag hunt)
kane and abel (jeffrey archer)
boy's life (robert r mccammon)
james herriot!!!
actually i got so many of them i don't remember a lot of them and even if i did i wouldn't have enough space to write em all. so i think i'll stop at this.

my fave characters
howard roark (ayn rand, the fountainhead)
samwise gamgee (tolkien, the lord of the rings)
the gunslinger (stephen king, the dark tower)
ford prefect (douglas adams, the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy)
kate blackwell (sidney sheldon, master of the game)
rand al'thor (robert jordan, the wheel of time)

all hype, no substance
who moved my cheese. ew what a perfectly nonsensical yucky book!



Anonymous guile said...

the namesake.. i love that movie :)..

Blogger g-man said...

lolz, its a book. as far as i know it hasn't been made into a movie.


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