Wednesday, March 29, 2006

more nonsensical ravings

this past sunday, my cousin got married, and so i had to make a little sojourn to a sleepy little village in palakkad. we started off on friday night and reached there early in the morning. need i say i didn't get much sleep in the bus? o well, i think i just did, anyways. after the trip it was a whirlwind of ceremonies, none of which i can accurately remember save the one where my cousin had to be lifted up - all 80+ kilos of him - by my dad, his uncle. it took four of us to hold him up and keep him in position, and it was only afterwards that we realised that we lifted him a little bit too late.

let me come to the point. the marraige was an arranged one, but i think those two will have the most wonderful time with each other because it somehow seems to fit, and i just can't explain how. i think a lot of it had to do with the fact that my cousin is never here - he's out at sea, and he had been in touch with her for a long time after the marraige was fixed and it actually took place.

i still haven't changed my ideas about arranged marraiges though. its just that a little 'conversation' i had with my mom about marraiges never ended and i kind of guessed it would end with something actually happening to prove one side right, at least that once. i haven't changed my mind because one example to prove the contrary of what a hell of a lot of others have proved isn't worth a penny.

i did learn that my mom is a pretty good debater though. she gave me one very insightful an arranged marraige, you don't know what to expect from the person you're about to marry and hence you keep your expectations low. in the other case, people can always pretend to be someone else and ultimately some kind of issue breaks out. i think its safe to say the only constant here is me, because mom admitted to being influenced by our culture...


Blogger lookwhosback said...

Me too totally for love marriage...but ofcourse with parents consent later on. No plans on eloping and all.

Blogger g-man said...

lolz, i don't plan on getting married unless i fall in love, and since i'm pretty darn sure nobody's gonna fall in love with me if ever that does happen, well, you can guess where i'm goin with this. i don't want a couple of lives getting screwed up owing to my getting married by an arrangement.


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