Saturday, February 11, 2006

yours in boredom

sigh, what a perfectly sucky day! well, there was a cricket match - india won!!! - but still, what a perfectly sucky day, starting right from my waking up at the inhuman hour of 9 am. yes, you heard that right, 9 am. you swear at me? ok, let me put it this way...i was up until after 1. there now, feeling better? good! ok so where was i? ah yes, 'what a perfectly sucky day' (is it just me or is there an imminent feeling of deja vu?) - now i remember :) still haven't gotten over yesterday's 'big bang', so to speak. i think that looming large had a great deal to do with today. damn i can't believe i laid to waste a perfectly good saturday. well, there is manchester united vs portsmouth to look forward to, but still, that's not until 2240. yea, and rite now i'm so bored i'm thinking of studying. damn, that is some serious boredom. i'm not going to, of course - chee, that was just an i'd actually study, what a hilarious thought.

its at times like this that i wish i had a magic lamp - stupid aladdin has all the luck, bah! he doesn't even make good use of it, for gosh's sake. all he needed to do was wish for a million kazillion wishes, but nooo...moron! the first thing i'd wish for will be a flying elephant. don't ask me why, its just some vague concept that wormed its way into my head one fine midsummer morning, as i was writing an english paper. i think its pretty obvious it hasn't gotten out. hey, all of us need something to aim for, right? come to think of it, i think i'd be in a dilemma. i'd have to choose between a flying elephant, a ballet-dancing hippo and a rabid clown. no i'm not nuts, its just a fascination, like er...ah, the birdman's fascination with, well, birds.

ok that's enough of that i think. what i really feel like doing right now is going on to the roof with a flashlight in my hand, pointing it up, turning on the switch, and yelling at the top of my voice 'come get me, alien scum! i'm not afraid of ya!!!'. hey, it'll at least cause some sort of commotion among the neighbors, if not anything else. wish me luck! adios...


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